Are There Places on the Road To Fill Your RV's Fresh Water Tank?

by Angie

My sons are taking the RV to a 4 day outdoor music fest and will be travelling 6 hours one way.

I want to know, will they have to travel with water tank full or is there somewhere they can fill up in the nearest city.

ANSWER: Hi Angie, I am sure that you are hoping that they will save on fuel costs by traveling with an empty Fresh Water Holding Tank. Normally RVers fill up their RV's fresh water tank at home or if they are staying at a full hookup campground they will fill it up when they get to the campground.

Since it sounds like your sons are going to be boondocking (camping somewhere with no hookups) for 4 days at the music fest they will need to arrive there with the fresh water tank full.

Their best bet is to stop at a Dump Station that also has fresh water available that is close to the music fest site. Most Holding Tank Dump Stations also have a fresh water tap that can be used to fill up the Fresh Water Holding Tank. Some Dump Stations are free to use or may charge a small fee to use.

While they are at the dump station they should also dump the Gray and Black Water Tanks so they will start their 4 day adventure with empty holding tanks as I am sure that there will not be a dump station at the music fest.

I am sure that your next question is How the Heck Do They Find the Dump Stations? Very simply they should visit the Website which has a comprehensive listing of Dump Station locations in both the US and
Canada. Each listing includes the location of the Dump Station and whether they are free or if they charge and also whether they have water available at the station.

I would also suggest that when they fill up the Fresh Water Tank that they use a RV Drinking Water Hose with an RV Water Filter attached and Yes, some RVers actually drink the water that comes from their RV's fresh water tank.

The only thing that your sons should look out for at these Dump Stations is to make that the water source is not marked "Non-Potable". You should never fill your Fresh Water Holding Tank with non-potable water.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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