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Arthur the RVing Dog Stages a Walk-Out Protest

by Jeff
(Langley BC)

Arthur the RVing Dog Stages a Walk-Out Protest

Arthur the RVing Dog Stages a Walk-Out Protest

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A couple years ago we were on our way to Disneyland from our home in Vancouver with two of our five grandsons and our black lab Arthur. Arthur is used to having the whole back of the extended cab pick up to himself but this trip he had to ride in the fifth wheel.

This dog suffers from severe separation anxiety and never leaves our side, no matter what. This one morning when we went to load up for the last leg to Disneyland I saw him standing at right angles to the back door of the truck staring straight ahead. I told him, no, come back here and get in the trailer. Nope, not moving so when I got stern with him he finally turned, walked right by me and out into the desert without hesitating or looking back for a second.

My wife and I were flabbergasted, we had never seen him deliberately leave us for any reason and here he was, for all intents and purposes leaving home. If he could have he would surely have had a stick over his shoulder with a jar of peanut butter and a loaf of bread in it . . . . after we stopped laughing so hard and when he was just a speck on the horizon I sternly, (again) called him back . . . . he returned but ever so slowly, slinking along, low to the ground, taking his time. His way of giving us the "finger" as he slowly climbed the steps and into the RV.

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Great Story!
by: Valerie

Love, Love, LOVE this story! :-) So entertaining--it seemed like I was THERE...right by the fifth wheel, watching Arthur walk off into the desert...with a chip on one shoulder and his hobo sack on the other! HA! Sending my sincere thanks to you for the great story...and a 'Good boy!' to Arthur, the dog with an attitude!

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