Buying A Previously Enjoyed Used RV May Get You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

by Motorhomes of Texas
(Nacogdoches Tx)

Buying a Used RV Can Get You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Buying a Used RV Can Get You The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

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When purchasing an RV the question each buyer faces is whether to buy new or used. If what you are expecting with your decision is the best overall deal the hunt will be among the "Previously Enjoyed" recreational vehicles and here's why:

People trade in their units for a number of different reasons...newer or improved equipment, TV's, Heating systems, etc., room slides, bigger or more efficient engine, more room, smaller size, the list is long and varied but the main compulsion comes from simply wanting a NEWER unit. Winding up with a unit that was traded because it was a problem or "lemon" is about as likely as getting struck by lightning. All owners don't maintain their unit to the same degree but it matters not if it's a 1985 class C Winnebago or a 2011 Newell, the folks that own these vehicles are a conservative bunch (in general) and as such, they tend to care for their belongings better than the average. Motorhomes of Texas has bought, consigned, and sold hundreds of Foretravel, Newell Coaches, Country Coaches, and many other makes and models and rarely comes across a unit that has been service neglected.

Avoidance of used units for fear of them being in bad shape can almost be totally excluded by buying from a reputable dealer. The dealer will be taking steps that ensure that all major components function as designed. The "debugging" process of a new unit many times is more frustrating to the first owner than the issues found in a properly prepped and detailed pre-owned RV.

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Selection? There are just as many used units to choose from as there are new ones. The new unit dealers will say "you can't spec out and build a used unit". While the statement is true, the vast majority of new unit buyers pick one off the dealer's lot. Very few actually order a new unit.

Next comes the value per dollar logic. The big depreciation on a new unit happens when the papers are signed
and the "New" unit becomes a "Used" unit. You don't even have to walk into it or turn the key. It's used and now it's worth considerably less and here's the reason...If a dealer buys a new unit from the manufacturer and pays, we'll say $100,000.00, sells it to you for $115,000.00, and the next day you need to sell it back to the dealer he can not give you 100% for it. He can go buy another "New" one for that. He, therefore, has to own it for some number that is less than the original factory price to him. That number will vary depending on the dealer but for this scenario, let's say the dealer feels that for the unit to be competitive with his similar "New" units he will need to offer it at $100,000.00. To do that he needs to own it for say $85,000.00 which will allow him to pay a salesperson and retain a profit. The original customer will be looking at a $30,000.00 loss and the outlook does not improve over a longer period of time owned.

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If the same scenario is applied to a used unit the thing is this...if the wholesale value of the used unit was 100k when the dealer acquired it, it will still be worth that the next day, week or month. It will devalue over time but the new one would have also suffered more depreciation over time. The used RV buyer only looses whatever profit the dealer made to begin within this example.

If you find yourself in the market for an RV, don't bypass the used. It can be your best deal and the biggest bang for the buck.

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Used rv with water leaking from one of the slides
by: Anonymous

We are looking at a 2002 rv that has been well taken care of. The owner takes meticulous care of it inside and out, except this winter it somehow developed a leak in one of the slides while it was closed up. The floor benieth the slide is weakened, and is about a 1 foot area. He suggests to leave the slide open during the off season, as it only leaks when the slide is closed, and cover it. Or, to fix it. He didnt know how to fix it, and was not sure how bad it is, or how much it would cost. Hes asking $4000 for it. Its on a permanent site and has a deck, all furniture inside and out go with it. The site is $2500. So, $6500 for 28' rv an the site for 2014online. He just had a stainless steel built in fridge installed the year before. What do you think? 1st time to buy rv. Daughter and son in law has their 5th wheel 2 sites away. Son in law thought the damage is minimal, but said he needs to take a closer look.

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