Camping In Washington State, What To See and Do While You're There

"Camping In Washington, The Evergreen State"

North Head Lighthouse Washington State

North Head Lighthouse

What to see and do when RVing and Camping in Washington State  here are the things you need to see and do.  

The links on this page will give you valuable travel information about Washington State.

These books will help you plan your trip to Washington State
Here are some interesting facts about Washington State

Statehood:  November 11, 1889.

Capitol:  Olympia.

Name Origin:  Named after George Washington

Nickname:  Evergreen State.

Land Area:  66,582 sq. mi., 20th largest state in the US.

Largest Cities: Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Everett.

State Bird:  Willow Goldfinch.

State Flower:  Western Rhododendron.

State Tree:  Western Hemlock.

State Slogan:  SayWA! (we don't make these up, this is a play on the phrase "Say What")  (State slogans change frequently and some states have more than 1, so we will do the best we can in figuring out which one to use).

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Heart Lake in Washington State's Olympic National Park Photo by Jason Pratt

Heart Lake in Olympic National Park Photo by Jason Pratt

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Here Are Links To Websites With Great Information all About Washington State  A detailed guide to San Juan Island, describing things to do and the places to see on this beautiful Washington State Island.

Hopefully, this information will help you when camping in Washington State.

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