Can a Sagging Out Of Level RV Slide Out Be Adjusted?

by William
(Chattanooga, TN)

Can a sagging out of level slide out on a travel trailer be adjusted or is it necessary to purchase separate leveling jacks just for the slideout?

ANSWER: Greetings William thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

To answer your initial question; yes slide out rooms can be adjusted. If the actual floor of the slideout is sagging then we are talking about a structural problem not an adjustment problem.

Most RV slide outs are designed to work without using additional leveling jacks. As long as the RV itself is level the slide out should also come out level, if it does not then there is a problem that must be resolved.

Either way I do not recommend that any do-it-yourselfer RVer start messing with the adjustments on their slide-outs. Depending on the type of slide-out you have there could be up to 6 points that have to be adjusted in a specific order or it could cause severe damage to your slide-out or your RV.

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My suggestion to you is that you take your trailer in and have a Certified RV Technician diagnose, repair or properly adjust the slide-out. If you do it yourself and cause damage to the slide-out, you could be stuck with a repair bill of several thousand dollars.

I hope this helps.

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Slide out
by: Anonymous

My slide out works fine in and out but the dining table inside is not setting level. Every indication looks fine closes good and appears in line. But the table is not level by about 2".
Any recommendations?

Recommendation on jacks
by: Anonymous

My largest slide out is sagging and I need some jacks. Which brand do you recommend? Thank you

slide out information
by: Linda Welch

My travel trailer is level; however, the slide out isn't. My slide is out most of the year which isn't recommended; however, I do have support jacks under the slide to keep it from sagging more. I feel much better knowing the jacks are there for support. Will take my trailer to a qualified RV mechanic when I'm back in the states to let them make adjustments. I highly recommend these support jacks to anyone with an RV with slide outs. The slide does slide in and out with no problems even though it isn't level.

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