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Can I Install a Ceiling Fan In My RV?

by Darrel Nott
(Jurupa Valley, CA)

How to Install a Ceiling Fan in Your RV

How to Install a Ceiling Fan in Your RV

What does the ceiling fan fasten to in the roof of a motorhome?

How do you get power, either 12vdc or 120vac, to the fan?

ANSWER: Hi Darrel, there are Ceiling Fans that you can buy that are specifically designed for use in RVs. They run off of 12 volts DC.

In most cases the installation is quite simple as the fans are designed to replace a 12 volt ceiling light that is currently in your RV. So a do-it-yourselfer should be able to install these fan kits.

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You attach the fan to the studs in your RV's ceiling, these are the same studs that your current ceiling light should be attached to. Take a look at these Sample RV Ceiling Fan Installation Instructions to get an idea of how these ceiling fans are installed.

If your ceiling light has a wall switch, then you would buy an RV Ceiling Fan that includes a wall switch. If your current ceiling light has the on-off switch directly on the light with no wall switch, then you would buy an Ceiling Fan that is operated by remote control.

If you are going to install a Ceiling Fan in an area where there is no ceiling light, then you will have to find some studs in the ceiling to attach the fan to as well as a 12-volt power source that is close to the installation point you are planning to use. You will also have to determine what 12-volt items are being used by that circuit to ensure that you won't exceed the circuit's amp rating and start blowing fuses when you turn on the ceiling fan.

Depending on the construction of your RV, you may be able to run the wires through the ceiling or conceal the wires going to the ceiling fan by using some Wire Channels.

Take a look at the video below to learn how to install an RV Ceiling Fan

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If you are not comfortable with tapping into existing wiring systems and running wire you may want to get this done by someone that is familiar with RV wiring systems.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Ceiling fans for fifth wheel
by: Jackie k

Please tell me it’s ok to purchase a small ceiling fan to replace old one from maybe Home Depot or Lowe’s?

Residential ceiling fan
by: BradP

Plan on installing ceiling fan from a box store—Home depot—will it work in the RV?

can i run both
by: Cindy Anderson

can i keep both the celling fan and the light with the same wiring and my celling light or do i have to choose to only have a fan and not a light

Leave enough space above the blades or it won't move air.
by: Anonymous

There needs to be enough space between the blades and the ceiling to allow the air to circulate. If there isn't the blades will just cavitate and very little air will even be moving into the room.

There are far too many RVs out there with ceiling fans mounted so close to the ceiling that they do no good. At least 6" is minimum and more if you have longer blades. Sometimes shorter blades will actually move more air as well as give clearance on slides.

Ceiling Fan Clearance
by: Anonymous

One reminder. Make sure the fan you choose will clear the Slideouts. When the Slideouts are out, it's easy to forget the space they take up when they're pulled in.

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