Can I Install An Electrical Outlet Near A Propane Line In My RV?

I want to install a 110 duplex outlet in the wall next to my stove. I saw that there is propane line/ fitting in close proximity to where I want to install the outlet. Is it safe to install a new outlet at this location?

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As long as the electrical outlet is installed properly and you have double-checked the propane line for any leaks, there should be no problems having an electrical outlet in close proximity to a propane line.

It is no different than having an electrical outlet near a Natural Gas Line in your home. For example the area that the stove in your house is placed in all likelihood has an electrical outlet in close proximity to the Natural Gas Line that you connect your stove to.

The same holds true for your home’s furnace (if it is powered by Natural Gas) you have an electrical connection that the furnace connects to and again it is in close proximity to the Natural Gas Line that the furnace is hooked to.

If you are not comfortable installing the electrical outlet yourself, then your best bet is to hire an experienced electrician to do the job if for no other reason than piece of mind that the installation was done correctly.

It is also very important that you have a functioning Propane Leak Detector in your RV; this early warning system will make you immediately aware of any propane leaks in your RV.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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