Can I Put a Tow Hitch on a Fifth Wheel Trailer To Tow a Seadoo Trailer?

by Jeff
(Riverside, CA. U.S.)

I have a 2006 Alpha Sun Fifth Wheel. I want to tow my Seadoo trailer behind it. However it does not look like the frame rails go all the way back. Is it possible to make a tow hitch somehow come off of the frame or are there more supports underneath the panels? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

ANSWER: Greetings Jeff thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Without being able to look at your 5th Wheel Trailer I cannot tell you what modifications (if any) need to be made for it to safely tow your Seadoo.

The first thing you have to understand is that most 5th Wheel Trailers designed for recreational use are not designed to tow other trailers behind them. That being said a lot of RVers have setup their 5th Wheel Trailers to tow boats, motorcycles, Seadoos etc.

Your best bet is to take your trailer to a reputable company in your area that installs Trailer Hitches (preferably one that has setup 5th wheels for towing in the past) and have them look at your 5th Wheel and tell you exactly what you need to do to set it up to safely tow your Seadoo.

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Before you go to the expense of setting up your 5th Wheel Trailer for towing you might want to visit your state's DMV website to see what type of restrictions there are for towing a trailer behind your fiver. Some states have length restrictions and others have some additional licensing requirements. The restrictions and licensing requirements vary by state.

I would also suggest that you read the article Trailer and RV Weight Demystified so you understand some of the towing weight limitations you may run into.

I hope this helps.

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thank you
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thanks for the advice.

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