Can I Rewire My Motorhome's Backup Camera System?

by Pat Conti
(Alanson Mi, )

Troubleshooting an RV Backup Camera System

Troubleshooting an RV Backup Camera System

I have a 2005 Four Winds 31p Class C and have a problem with the rear camera not working. I took it apart once and dried it out, resealed it... Now not working again, wondering where the wires go from the rear camera to the front and can I run them myself?

Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Hi Pat, I am afraid that I cannot tell you exactly how the wiring for your Backup Camera System runs in your RV. In fact, based on the description you have provided, I am not sure that the wiring is the issue. You stated that you took the camera unit apart and dried it out, and resealed it. It worked after you did that, but it has stopped working again. The problem could very well be the camera unit itself.

I will assume that when you had the camera unit apart, you cleaned all the connections on the camera. If moisture has gotten in contact with the connections, it could have caused corrosion. I will also assume that you checked all the connections on the monitor that the Backup Camera is connected to. Sometimes a loose connection on the monitor can cause a problem with the monitor receiving the video signals from the Backup Camera.

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You might also want to check for any
blown fuses in the camera system. In my experience problems with Backup Camera System on RVs are normally due to three main problems. They are listed below:

1. Loose or corroded connection on the camera or the monitor.

2. A blown fuse somewhere in the Backup Camera System's electrical circuit.

3. A bad camera unit or a bad monitor.

It is very rare to have to replace the actual wiring between the camera and monitor. If there is a problem with the Backup Camera Wiring, it usually becomes apparent when the RV is new.

If it ends up being the wiring, your best source for getting the wiring diagrams would be contacting Four Winds International, who manufactured your motorhome. Their contact information is below:

Four Winds International
701 County Road 15
Elkhart, Indiana 46515-1486
Telephone: 574-266-1111
FAX: 574-294-8971

If it turns out that your Backup Camera System needs to be replaced, you may want to do like a lot of RVer's are doing and switch over to a Wireless Backup Camera System. They are a lot easier to install than a wired system and are reported to be a lot more reliable. There are a couple of places I suggest you look to get these wireless systems.

Backup Camera System from eBay

Wireless Backup Camera Systems From Amazon

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Are Wireless cameras RELIABLE!!
by: jsr


I read blogs this afternoon. I'am trouble shooting a Weldex system. I'm second owner of (2006) coach which camera has not been reliable. Removed monitor and secured wiring .To know advail!

I reached out to RV-Cam (online source) recommended by fellow rv'ers. Monitor is OK! Now researching camera. Frustrated with this beast! Such a headache to maintain!


Monaco cable issues
by: Van Penn

FYI Some of the Monaco diesel pusher models have had an ongoing problem with cables and connectors in their Aladdin/Weldex system which require replacement of the cable to the backup camera. A real pain in the neck.

Camera not working?
by: Anonymous

Check the wiring coming through the upper cabinets in the bedroom. I had some blankets stored there and the mice chewed them and made a nice nest. Going and coming through the small hole where the camera wring went through, they decided to make a larger hole, chewing through the 4-strand wire in the process. Of course, I could barely reach it much less fix it. I pulled open the panel in the next door closet, and was able to expose more of the wire to be able to repair it. What a PIA.
Works fine, now.

This might help
by: Anonymous

I was facing the same situation on our 2003 Phaeton Motor Home. The rear camera was not working.

The local RV dealers RV rear camera systems were $599-799 - ouch.

I looked on Amazon and found this
for $219:

7" color LCD,mine was b&w, camera had a mic.

The box arrived on Friday. Looking over everything I noticed that there were 5 wires to the camera. I had 4.

I REALLY didn't want to fish the supplied 65' cable through our motorhome.

I emailed them and they called back today.

I can use the existing 4 wires, just re- solder the connections to the existing wires. The camera is normally in the mirror view - what you want.

Install a Motorhome Backup Camera Sys.
by: Paul

I just completed installing a backup monitor and camera on my 34' motorhome that I purchased from I took the old 5-inch out got a piece of metal roof flashing cut it to size & mounted the 7-inch monitor on the flashing and installed it exactly where the old unit was.

The system has a multi-plexer unit that I mounted on the wall to the left of the driver's seat out of the way but very easy to get to. After wiring it up I checked it out to insure that I connected it properly.

I did all of this in about 2 1/2 Hrs. I next took the old rear camera off taped the old wire to the new and pulled it through the opening. I mounted the camera and used a laser pointer to get a rough idea of where the camera was pointing.

Running the new cable is the most time-consuming but I wanted to have it properly secured and look like a factory install. I have moderate mechanical skills and like you apprehensive. You can do it, and their camera was a vast improvement to what I had. It is: color, has rear audio, and lighting for backing when it is dark. Got this all done for a little over $200.

Good Luck

your right
by: pat conti

wasnt wiring replaced camera works just fine thks Pat Conti

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