Can I RV During The Winter?

by Joe Thompson

RVing During the Winter

RVing During the Winter

I know it is a lot of fun to RV during the Summertime, but is it also possible to go RV Camping during the Wintertime?

ANSWER: Hi Joe, yes, you can go RVing during the winter. Now seeing that you live in Minnesota, it may not be advisable for you to go camping in an RV in the middle of winter there. But, in other milder parts of the country such as Florida, Arizona, California, Southern Nevada, etc. people RV all year round.

In fact, there are 1000s of folks that come down from Canada to stay in the warmer winter climate states. These folks are known as "Snowbirds".

There are also lots of Full-Time RVers that live in and enjoy their RVs 365 days of years. They are known as Full-Timers; they no longer own a stick home and happily live the RV Lifestyle year-round.

Take a look at the video below to get some tips from an RVer who camps during the winter in Canada.

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So, yes Joe, it can be done.

Let me take a moment to appeal to our readers if any of you can enlighten Joe on how you RV in Winter, leave a comment with your tips, tricks, places you stay etc. After all, we don't want to leave Joe out in the cold (sorry I couldn't resist).

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Don't mothball that RV for the winter!
by: deniseinark

I'm assuming that you mean weekend/vacation type RVing...any part of the country where people do outdoor anything is up for that kind of trip. If there's snow on the ground all winter or it's otherwise crazy cold, it would be better if you have a four season rated rig. But so much of the country has much more temperate winters and just about any rig would work. For example, the Ozarks and Ouachita mts of Arkansas are gorgeous and have beautiful campgrounds with huge campsites and lots of outdoor/touristy activities year round. Any part of the country where snow is an "event" rather than something that stays on the ground for the season is fair game. There are a lot of places where the average winter daytime temps run in the 40s-50s or even better and people golf year round. These would be ideal winter camping areas and you wouldn't necessarily need a 4 season setup to take advantage of them.

We have lived FT in our camper around Tulsa, OK for 3 years, the first of which saw a record low temp of -37F. That was a cold, wet winter, and yet the really raw icky days were "events" - there was still ample good camping weather. The past couple of years the winter has been mild enough that bad weather camping was just bad luck or poor preparation. Even if it's wet and cold, if you want to use the rig to go places where there is plenty of indoor stuff to do (ex. Branson, Hot Springs, etc.) there's no reason to leave it home and stay in a hotel. Hope this is what you were looking for.

RVing is alive and great during the winter
by: Gary James

Hi Joe,

I am here to tell you that you can RV 365 days a year if you are in the right part of the country.

My wife and I are fulltimers, we sold our house 5 years ago after I retired and we have been RVing ever since. Trust me when I say we have no regrets.

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Right now, we are camping in Tucson, Arizona. It got up into the 70s today and was beautiful. It does get a bit chilly at night, but our motorhome has a great heater, and we stay toasty at night.

Our next stop is Quartzsite, Arizona. That's where the worlds largest RV Rally takes place every January. We will be there with 1000s of other RVers starting on January 17th. We never miss this rally.

So if you have that many RVers in one place in the middle of winter, that only confirms that RVing is not just a summer sport.

I have never been to Minnesota this time of year, but I am sure that is a lot colder than Arizona.

Hope this helps in answering your question. I am sure there are a lot more RVers that can tell you how they RV in the winter. Have a Happy New Year

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