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Can solar panels be mounted on the roof of my RV?

by Lew
(Page, AZ, USA )

Using Solar Panels on an RV

Using Solar Panels on an RV

I have 4 15 watt panels and am considering mounting them flat on the roof of my RV.

Can or should this be done?

ANSWER: Hi Lew, Yes you can mount RV Solar Panels on the roof of your RV and if you want to supplement the power you use in your RV with free solar energy you should use an RV Solar Panel Kit on your RV just like I do.

Depending on the power generating capabilities of the Solar Panel Kit you have; you can use it to charge your RV house batteries or use the battery stored solar energy to run both 12 volt and with a Power Inverter connected to the RV's house batteries, 120-volt appliances in your RV.

You can also go to the extreme like Brian Brawdy has to use both solar and wind energy to power everything in his camper and travel trailer. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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