Can We Install Vinyl Flooring On The Chipboard Sub floor Of Our RV

by Anonymous

we need to replace our carpet and vinyl flooring in our camper due to damage and want to just go with vinyl. The floor is made of chipboard and installers are telling us that we cannot put a vinyl floor down on top of chipboard. We do not have room for a meranti or plywood because of the slide. The vinyl is already there, we just want to replace it. Is there a special type or brand that needs to be used? Help - we want to get this done!

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ANSWER: Hi the fact that vinyl flooring is already installed on the chipboard sub flooring of your RV should give you a pretty good indicator of what my answer will be. Yes, you can install vinyl flooring on the chipboard sub flooring of your RV.

There is no special vinyl flooring for RVs. Any good quality vinyl flooring or Vinyl Flooring Tiles will work.

Depending on the condition of the chipboard sub floor once you remove the existing carpet and vinyl flooring; any gaps or gouges in the sub floor may need to be filled in. Also using a primer on the sub floor will also help the vinyl floor adhesive from being absorbed by the sub flooring.

If you want you could also install Ceramic Floor Tiles or Cork, Wood or Bamboo Flooring. Just use your imagination.

Take a look at the video below and see how a new floor in an RV can completely upgrade its appearance. In this video they are removing the Carpet from the RV and replacing it with Vinyl Wood Flooring.

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I hope this helps.

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