Can You Convert a Toy Hauler To a Regular Travel Trailer?

by Anonymous

Can the ramp of a toy hauler be removed and replaced by framing in a solid end wall with a large window?

ANSWER: Hi can what you're asking be done? Yes, it can, but I could not begin to give you step by step instructions on how to do such a modification. I couldn't even tell you how much it would cost to have someone perform this job for you, but I can guarantee if it is done right it could cost over a thousand dollars.

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Let me suggest a couple of alternatives for you other than doing a full-blown expensive modification on your Toy Hauler.

Alternative 1: A more cost effective way of accomplishing your goal of converting your Toy Hauler to a standard Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel is to leave the ramp on and rig it so that it cannot be opened anymore. Cut the window hole directly into the ramp.

To change the appearance of the ramp on the inside of the trailer you can attach a thin false wall directly to the ramp. Once you have that false wall installed you will not be able to tell that there was even a ramp there. The other advantage of this alternative is that you have not affected the structural integrity of the RV.

Alternative 2: I would try this alternative first before starting any of the above modifications on your Toy Hauler.

Believe it or not there are far more RVer's that would like to convert their current 5th Wheel Trailer or Travel Trailer to a Toy Hauler then the other way around. So you might want to take a chance and put an ad on your local Craigslist or newspaper's classified ads offering to trade your Toy Hauler straight across for a standard 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer.

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Depending on where you live you may be surprised by the response you get.

I hope this helps.

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At what cost?
by: Tom

Always keep in mind that for a major overhaul (of any kind, irrespective of the vehicle) It is often best to price current used or new solutions. If you can't reasonably beat the new to you price of a working solution now, how can you expect to do it in the heat of a mid-remodel?

I'm not saying its always best to purchase a new one, sometimes you will remodel for reasons other then cost, but most people primarily reuse old/odd things for that exact reason, and if that is don't forget to factor in your time. You can always choose to do it anyways, but you would be doing it informed with how much this project/hobby will cost you.

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