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Can You Really Take A Good Shower In An RV?


How to Take a Really Good Hot Shower in You RV

How to Take a Really Good Hot Shower in You RV


ANSWER: Greetings Frank, yes, it is possible to get a good shower in a class C, or any other type of RV. But there are certain circumstances that may hinder you from getting a good shower and there are certain steps you can take that can ensure that you get a good shower.

First, let's discuss some situations that will limit your shower time and quality. If you are Boondocking (camping in an area where water, electric, etc. are not available) you will be limited in the length of the shower, and possibly the water pressure that will come out of the shower head.

When you are boondocking, you have to use the water that is stored in your RV's fresh water tank. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the RV the bigger the fresh water tank. So a class A RV will normally have a larger fresh water tank than a Class C. Once this water is gone you are out of luck until you refill the tank or arrive at a campground that has a fresh water supply that you can hook up to the RV.

So, when Boondocking the keyword is water conservation. The shower head in your RV should have a lever or button on it so you can shut off the water supply while you lather up etc. So taking a long good shower may not be a viable option while boondocking. If the water runs out and you have soap in your eyes, you will be "out of luck".

Another limiting factor, while boondocking is that your water pressure may be lower than if you were hooked
up to a water supply at a campground or RV park. The water pressure will only be as good as your RV's water pump can supply. The better the pump, the better and more consistent the pressure will be.

The next limiting factor whether your boondocking or camping where the RV is hooked up to water is the RV's water heater. Unlike your home's water heater, RV water heaters are usually small and provide a limited supply of hot water. This may limit the length of your shower unless you like showering with lukewarm or cold water.

The good news is there are now tankless water heaters that can be installed in RVs that will provide an unlimited supply of hot water. We actually have an article in our RV Lifestyle Articles section about these RV tankless water heaters titled How To Take A 1 Hour Shower In Your RV. I would suggest you read this article to get more insight on RV Tankless Water Heaters.

Having a good shower head in your RV will also make a world of difference in the quality of the shower. Here is another rule of thumb, the more expensive the RV you are buying is, the better the shower head usually is. Yes, there are some exceptions to this rule.

There are aftermarket RV shower heads available for RVs that will give better shower pressure and also include some features such as massage modes etc.

I hope we have been able to answer your question. As always our visitors are free to add their opinions and suggestions by clicking the add comment link below.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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by: Anonymous

That Frankenshower is really cool!!

by: Anonymous

You need to patent that! You can rv with me where
you will be appreciated for you talents. One stipulation, you gotten bring franken.. Great idea. Good luck

by: J. Jones

We have a class C RV. I've always been able to take a good shower. Wife as well. We normally do not dry camp but we always turn the shower off when not needing. You know just to get wet and rinse. We allow about 30 min between hers then my shower to allow the water to get hot as we don't have an instant hot water heater.

my answer to water conservation
by: bpb65@hotmail.com

Please see youtube and search "frankenshower" for my answer to water conservation while boondocking. It is something I invented and built. That is me and my family on the Discovery Channel segment. Feel free to leave me a message or ask questions.

Comment From RVing Al: Here is the Video of Bob's Frankenshower. Very ingenious.

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