Freedom, Flexibility and Features: Why to Choose a Class B Motor Home

"A longtime RV owner provides his perspective on when a Class B motor home might be the right choice"

Why Choose A Class B RV

By: Mike Neundorfer

Being an avid RVer for over 10 years, I’ve talked with a lot of people who love to travel. But one of the questions I am asked most often is, “Mike, why have you always purchased Class B motor homes?” The answer is simple: While I see the value in Class A motor coaches, the freedom and flexibility that Class B vehicles provide allows me to travel the way that I want to travel. 

When my wife, Marcia, and I travel, we love to experience big cities as much as we do the countryside and national parks. Our Class B Sprinter is easy to maneuver through even the busiest of city streets. Marcia is able to nimbly navigate through any downtown while we searched for interesting local restaurants! We usually splurge and end most meals with whichever dessert the waiter recommends – and joke between ourselves that it’s free because our 20 MPG Sprinter allows us to save a few bucks on gas.

When we’re not enjoying delicious meals across our country’s diverse restaurants, we often stop at picnic tables at rest stops. Because Class B vehicles offer a microwave, a  cook top stove and ample refrigerator storage, it’s easy to put together a  hot, healthy sandwich or reheat leftovers from last night’s restaurant.

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Why Choose A Class B RV

Talking about versatility, the ability to park and spend the night just about anywhere is truly liberating. Because of our power generation and storage systems, we don’t have to rely on shore power. So while we sometimes stay in a hotel, we just as often sleep in our own vehicle. And to be honest, we usually sleep better in the comfort of our own Sprinter! 

As I’m sure you can tell by now, the freedom, flexibility and simplicity that our Class B motor home provides is the reason I’m so passionate about it. Although I have to admit, my favorite luxury upgrade is the fully integrated TV/Audio system, which includes a subwoofer. As for Marcia, she’s partial to the heated  floors, and being able to control the Sprinter’s internal temperature from her mobile phone! 

All in all, anyone looking to travel in style should consider a motor home. But for those looking for freedom and flexibility in their travel itineraries, a Class B Sprinter is the way to go.

About The Author

Mike Neundorfer is the owner of Advanced RV

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