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Counseling on the Road

by John Belville
(Nampa, Idaho)

Counseling on the Road

Counseling on the Road

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I have to admit when my wife and I decided to buy a Class A motorhome and hit the dusty trail, I was fearful of the cost. My wife had not retired yet and we were making a fairly good salary prior to her leaving her employment. I watched our 4 bedroom home being sacked by strangers at our yard sale and grieved as I witnessed some of my prize possessions walk out the door.

I had no idea how much 'stuff' we accumulated over our married life 49 years at that time; we've been married 51 years as of this writing. What were we going to be living on was only Social Security checks because I was self-employed before retirement and she worked at a business that didn't have retirement benefits.

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Well, I found out it isn't impossible to live on Social Security, but you've got to watch the pennies. But I also found out that I could do some counseling over the internet if I called myself a Life Coach, not a psychotherapist, psychologist, psychiatrist and didn't advertise as any of the aforementioned practices. So, I decided to set up shop. Life Wellness Through Cognitive Change.

Now, I work with folks using the knowledge I gained as a therapist in my past life and never have to leave the comfort of my coach.

It doesn't get any better than that.

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