Creating RV Protective Chair Back Covers

by Connie

Creating RV Protective Chair Back Covers

Creating RV Protective Chair Back Covers

I recently saw some chair back covers on a used RV. They were ideal for when the camper is moving so that the chairs don't hit together. I have not found where I can purchase them. Do you have any ideas? They just cover the upper part of the dining chairs.


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ANSWER: Hi unfortunately, all I could find are Holiday Related Dining Room/Kitchen Chair back covers. They would probably work for protecting the chairs during travel, as long as you don't mind driving around with a Santa or Pumpkin Face staring at you. Of course, you can take these covers off of the chairs once you arrive at your destination and store them away so no one will ever see them.

There's a pretty good chance that the covers you saw on that older RV's chairs may have been home made or exclusively made for that brand of RV.

If you choose not to ride with Santa or a Pumpkin on your chair backs, you could create some Chair Back Covers of your own by using pillow cases. Just find the size pillow cases that fit on the chair back. Pillow cases come in all different sizes and colors and with a few simple sewing skills; can be custom fit to the back of the chair.

The different colors and patterns that pillow cases come in will allow you to be creative in making custom chair back covers exclusively for your RV

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If you feel that one pillow case does not provide enough protection to the chair backs you could get some thin foam padding and sew two pillow cases together with the padding in between the cases.

I hope this helps.

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