Did We Bring the Trailer?

by Clare DePriest
(Livingston,Tx USA)

Did We Bring the Trailer?

Did We Bring the Trailer?

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Larry and I were on our way to Florida from Buffalo, NY. We made it all the way to W Virginia before needing gas. As Larry was filling up, I went to the store in the Travel Plaza.

When I came out I couldn't see the trailer, behind our Motorhome. I wasn't sure if it was jackknifed where I just couldn't see it. I asked Larry, where's the trailer. Don't even say something like that, he says!

We were just sick, and at a place, we couldn't get reception on our cell phones. He said at best it's sitting in our driveway at home. We didn't say another word to each other all the way back home! All I could think was how many people did we kill...

Well, we made it home and no trailer! Ugh, in the morning Larry calls the Police I believe, and they say it was found at the Pennsylvania border in a ditch. The cops had it in impound they said because it wasn't locked. We had our Harley w/sidecar, and my scooter in there.

Well, my scooter was totaled, and Larry's Harley was sideways. Minor damage to the trailer! Driveable even...Yaaay! Nobody was hurt...just incredible.

Our nephew initially helped Larry get ready to leave Buffalo. Larry determined that they forgot to put the pin in!!!!

We never felt a thing when it detached from us! Pretty scary, we now laugh hysterically every time we share that story Lol.

One thing is for sure, I never follow anyone who's towing anything ahahahahaha!

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