Do I Need a Commercial Driver's License To Drive an RV?

Do I need to have a CDL Driver's License to drive my 1987 Sunsport RV it dose not have air brakes but it is 35 feet long.

ANSWER: Hi based on the size of your RV you do not need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). In most cases and most states, you will not be required to have a CDL in order to drive a Class A, B, or C RV.

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That being said; depending on the state you live in and the weight or length of your motorhome or the weight or length of the Trailer/s you are towing you may still be required to have a special class license.

The requirements vary from state to state. I would suggest that you visit your state's DMV website to find out the requirements for your location. You may also want to visit the RV Driver's License Requirements Page where they list the requirements by state.

I hope this helps.

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