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Do I Need to Winterize an RV Being Stored in Arizona?

by Dave

Why You Might Need to Winterize an RV Being Stored in Arizona

Why You Might Need to Winterize an RV Being Stored in Arizona

I am new to RVing... I just purchased a 2006 Class C Fleetwood Tioga.

My question is regarding the need to winterize my RV in Arizona weather? Low temps can get to 32 degrees sometimes in the mornings of December/January. Most concerns here are about covering plants to protect against frost.

I didn't think I would need to winterize the RV since winters here are nothing like the winters we experienced in the Midwest (Indiana).

Thank you,


ANSWER: Hi Dave my answer is maybe. I am not trying to be wishy-washy here, but depending on what part of Arizona you are storing your RV in; you may very well have to winterize it to prevent damage to its plumbing.

Many RVers from Canada and the colder parts of the U.S. head south for the winter, Because of their habit of migrating south for the winter they have acquired the nickname of "Snowbirds".

Some of the favorite destinations for Snowbirds are Florida, Texas, Georgia, Southern California and of course Arizona. Some Snowbirds migrate even further south into Mexico.

So you would think that since Arizona is a prime Snowbird destination that you would never need to winterize an RV. Well, the key here is Location, Location, Location and Altitude, Altitude, Altitude.

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There are certain parts of Arizona that actually have a full blown winter. Some of higher elevation Arizona cities get quite a bit of below freezing weather and snow, some examples are Flagstaff, Greer and Williams Arizona (pictured at the top of this page). In fact there are quite a few Arizona Ski Resorts that you can visit during the winter.

So if you are planning to store your RV in one of the higher altitude locations in Arizona that get snow and have several consecutive days of below-freezing weather then you definitely need to winterize your RV. If you are in a lower altitude southern portion of Arizona that only gets an occasional low just below freezing then you should be OK. Since you do not tell me the exact location of your storage location in Arizona; I cannot give you a definite Yes or No answer.

Your best bet is to go online and check the average winter low-temperature statistics for the location you are planning to store your RV.

I hope that this helped.

Happy RVing

RVing Al

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by: Anonymous

I would just empty you hot water heater and blow out the water lines just to be safe and it will only take you 10 mins

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