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Does An RV Refrigerator Really Have To Be Level To Work Right?

by Dick
(St. Louis, Mo.)

Why an RV Fridge Needs to be Level

Why an RV Fridge Needs to be Level

How much off "true level" is acceptable for the safe operation of an RV refrigerator?

ANSWER: Hi Dick yes for an RV Refrigerator to operate properly it needs to be level. The older the model of Fridge; the more important it is that it is kept level. A good rule of thumb is that the fridge can be plus or minus 2 degrees from plum. That equates to half a bubble out of the level line. The newer fridges have a bit more tolerance.

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Unlike your home refrigerator, an RV Refrigerator relies on gravity to aid it in cooling down. The more out of level it is the less efficient it becomes in keeping food items cold. The video below does a great job of explaining the inner workings of an RV Refrigerator.

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So now you know why it is important to keep your RV Fridge level.

The next video below goes into more detail on how to get your RV Fridge level.

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Listed below are links to the levels mentioned in the video:

Trailer (Arc) Level

Torpedo Level

Hopefully this gives you a better understanding on why it is important to keep your RV Fridge level.

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