Eliminate RV Water Filter Sediment

Here is what you can do to Eliminate RV Water Filter Sediment from clogging up your RV's freshwater filter

Why You Need to Eliminate RV Water Filter Sediment

Why you need to eliminate RV Water Filter sediment id because most RVers use traditional inline water filters to filter the water and eliminate sediment. This involves – taking out both the sediment, silt, rust, and sand (the "big stuff") as well as the much smaller organic and chemical materials. Inline RV filters work well on chemical contaminants like chlorine but do little to handle the large particulate materials that can clog them very quickly. That's why sediment, is  universally recognized as "filter killers."

Here is what you can do to Eliminate RV Water Filter Sediment from clogging up your RV's freshwater filter

The CLEAR2O® RVand Marine Inline Water Filter (pictured above) is a great case in point. It filters at the 1-Micron level to take out harmful contaminants, bad taste, sulfur odor and chlorine in drinking water. However, while it can remove larger materials such as sediment, it will severely shorten the filter's lifespan. That's why RVers get frustrated because their in-line water filters don't last as long as they expected. This is because they are using their filters in areas that have high sediment content.

Ironically, the reason the filter stops working is because they are doing what they are supposed to be doing – removing the near-microscopic pollutants that can turn RV water into a potential source of serious health issues. 

The bottom line? What's needed is a two-stage filtration system that:

  • Will eliminate RV water filter Sediment and other large particulates, as well as the smaller contaminants.
  • Can work with an existing inline filter.
  • It is cost-effective.
Here is what you can do to Eliminate RV Water Filter Sediment from clogging up your RV's freshwater filter

The recently introduced DirtGUARD (pictured above) is that product. Intended for high-sediment areas, DirtGUARD creates a 20-micron, physical barrier to block sand, silt, sediment, and particulates from entering the carbon filter. This allows the carbon filter to perform its intended function, which is focusing on the taste, color, and odor issues.

In doing so, it can significantly extend the life of the RV's carbon filter by preventing the sand, silt, sediment, and rust from being trapped in the carbon filter or worse, pass through and cause buildup within the RV piping. It can also help the carbon filter maintain higher water flow rates throughout its life. By incorporating the DirtGUARD™ prefilter to the existing online carbon filter, you are creating a very cost-effective, two-stage RV filter system.

Look at the video below to see how well the DirtGUARD prefilter works with the CLEAR2O® RVand Marine Inline Water Filter to eliminate RV water filter sediment.

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Let's face it, sediment is a fact when it comes to RVing, especially in campground water. But with a better understanding of the issues, it can cause – as well as increased awareness of the options available to neutralize it (like DirtGUARD) – sediment can go from an unwelcome guest to a distant memory.

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