Exciting New RV Technology

There is some exciting new RV technology out there; learn more about it

There is some exciting new RV technology out there; learn more about it

Half the fun of RVing is the gadgets and tech you play with as you travel and camp. As the boom of interest in recreational vehicles continues, manufacturers are creating exciting new RV technology to cater to the desires of every consumer

More Off-Grid Power

Keep your electronics running indefinitely, inexpensively, and quietly with the latest advancements in solar generators. You'll never have to deal with the noise, hazards, and smells of gas-powered generators again. Lightweight, folding panels are improving in solar-capturing capacity, and some rigs come equipped with roof solar panels unpacking and on-site setup.

Lithium-ion batteries are being supplanted by the superior lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) varieties. LiFePO4 models have a life cycle four times that of their lithium-ion cousins. The stable chemistry means no worries about exploding batteries or damage in extreme temperatures.

LiFePO4 units are eco-friendly, recyclable, and portable. With enough solar panels, you can stay entirely off the grid and run your whole rig from a kit smaller than a suitcase. When you're ready to take a working vacation or commit to the digital nomad lifestyle, you can head to the wild for distraction-free time to complete projects like developing a business app by yourself using low code.

Good Sam Club
Good Sam Club

Amphibious Travel

There is some exciting new RV technology out there; learn more about it.

You're going to feel like a superhero or international spy with the ability to traverse land and sea in your mobile home. Creative manufacturers have designed a seaworthy water-resistant aluminum body travel trailer with a boat engine. Owners can set up their RV on a site or take it to the docks for aquatic cruising.

Other designers have taken versatility to the next level by adding positive floatation foam in motorhomes to create a single unit you can drive right onto the water. The technology primarily serves for first responder search and rescue vehicles. Still, adventurous, and wealthy individuals who want to erase all travel boundaries can purchase these motor coaches for exploration in the wild or on the lake.

Telescoping Design for Expansion

Slide outs have long been the only solution to add living space to your trailer. The expansions only add a fraction to the width, leaving you to pull a massive camper during travel. New telescoping units with furniture that fits together enable you to collapse the entire trailer into a space three times smaller than the fully expanded home. With this setup, travel is much more manageable.

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Creature Comforts for Your Furry Friends

Leave behind worries about packing necessities for Fluffy or Fido with integrated features that cater to them. Leash hooks on the door eliminate concerns about where to connect a tether so your fur baby doesn't wander away into dangerous woods. Built-in pet beds and recesses designed for crates provide your animals with a dedicated spot to which they can grow accustomed. Retractable water and food stations simplify storage for chow time.

Smaller Footprints with Larger Capabilities

There is some exciting new RV technology out there; learn more about it.

The race continues to find who can put the most conveniences into the most portable design. Manufacturers continue to discover ways to fit bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms into teardrop models and truck campers. Multifunctional furniture allows for storage or converts a dining space to a bedroom or a living area with snappy adjustments.

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Eco-Friendly and Fuel-Efficient Travel

Electric and hybrid engines are available for pickup trucks and semis, and recreational vehicle manufacturers are doing their part to create more sustainable RVs. As charging technology and legal requirements advance, zero-emissions powertrains may become the norm.

Whether a new RVer or a seasoned pro, you can find exciting toys and tools to enhance your trip. Check out reviews and testimonials to find your favorite enhancement and prepare to enjoy some quality time in your roaming home away from home.

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