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First Time RVing Tips

These first-time RVing tips will help you prepare for your first RVing adventure

These first time RVing tips will help you prepare for your first RVing adventure

These first time RVing tips will help you because your decision to purchase your first recreational vehicle is big. Your RV is going to be life changing. It's going to take you on adventures you could never have imagined, no matter how simple your plans may seem at first. That's because you never know what will happen on an RV trip.

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Mistakes are a part of learning, but you can also learn from the mistakes of others. Here are some tips experienced RVers would gladly share with an RV newbie.

1. Take a Test Trip

Before you plan your first big RVing adventure you should take a local test trip. The test trip can even happen in your driveway if you don't have a campground nearby. This test trip is for you to get to know your RV. During this trip, you'll need to:

  • Practice backing up your trailer or motorhome. Nobody does it right the first few tries, and eventually, you'll come to that one challenging spot where your practice will make perfect.
  • Bring plenty of water and energy. Being outdoors is more tiring than you might expect. Pack a supplement such as Thrive but be sure to read a Thrive review or two before you do to give you an added boost during the day.
  • Get to know your RV and the order in which things need to be set up and taken down.
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2. Assign Setup Duties

Make sure everyone knows their duties in getting camp set up for your first trip and every trip after. This can seem like a never-ending task for the person who doesn't ask for help and does it alone. No matter what age your campers are, there's something everyone can do to help the process go smoothly.

3. Minimize Personal Items

What's terrific about RVs is they aren't as primitive as tent camping. That means you get some luxuries and conveniences, such as cooking over a stove, having running water, and enjoying a private shower.

With all these luxuries come goods to complement them, such as towels, dish soap and cleaners for the kitchen, pots, and pans, and toiletries for the shower. The fewer personal items you pack, the more space you'll have to enjoy your amenities.

4. Keep Meals Simple

Keep all meal plans simple on your first trip as you get to know your equipment. On your first trip, you'll get a good idea of how extravagant future meals can be. You also don't need the added stress of heavy meal prepping when you're getting to know your new home on wheels and being an experienced adventurer in training.

5. Enjoy the Silence

This last tip is the most important. Plan to enjoy the silence of the great outdoors. After all, isn't that at least one of the reasons you purchased your RV in the first place?

Sit outside and watch the night sky instead of plugging into your electronics. RVing is a different type of luxury. It's about getting away from the grind. Things move slower when you're camping, and RV is still considered a type of camping.

Allow your surroundings to take their natural course. Otherwise, you're working against everything natural about nature.

You never know what's going to happen on every trip you take. You never know what wildlife you may see. You never know what the weather may bring. You never know what new skill you'll need to learn. Yet, ask anyone who owns an RV, and they'll tell you they have no regrets–except waiting so long to become an RVer.

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