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Fresh Water Tank Fills Up and Overflows When My RV is Connected to City Water

by Ken
(Bend Oregon)

SHURflo RV Water Pump

SHURflo RV Water Pump

When I hook up my 1998 Lance camper to a city or freshwater source my freshwater tank fills up after a day or so, then runs out the fill valve.

I have been told by an RV repair shop that this can't happen. I am thinking a check valve in the water pump is bad allowing water to go back through the pump and fill the tank.

Can the check valve be replaced or am I better off replacing the water pump?

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ANSWER: Hi Ken based on your description it does sound like a bad check valve most likely in the Campers Fresh Water Pump.

There are a few manufacturers that make water pumps for RVs; with SHURflo (pictured at the top of this page) being the most common brand pumps in RVs. That being said; I don't know for sure what brand water pump you have in your Camper. But some water pumps do have Rebuild/Repair Kits available that include the check valve.

Installing the kit is fairly simple and straight forward, the hardest part is removing the water pump from the RV.

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Of course the other option is to replace the fresh water pump with a new one. As I stated above the hardest part of this whole process is removing the existing pump depending on where your manufacturer chose to put it.

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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