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Fuel Savings Tips from FMCA

FMCA’s simple steps to help find the best fuel savings

Presented by FMCA

FMCA’s simple steps to help find the best fuel savings

Follow FMCA’s simple steps to help find the best fuel savings because no one likes paying more at the pump, especially when it comes to RV travel

• Download an App

Let an app do the work for you. Download a mobile app like Gas Buddy or Trunow to find the best fuel prices in your current ZIP code. Both apps include gasoline and diesel fuel prices.

• Be Mindful of Credit Card Purchases

Many credit cards “pay back” a bonus amount, usually 5 percent, on fuel purchases and perhaps certain other purchases. The catch: many fuel outlets also sell fast food or groceries, so if the computer doesn’t recognize the fuel purchase at check-out, you won’t get the 5 percent discount. Keep an eye on your monthly invoice!

In addition, gas station credit cards can be useful if you’re brand-loyal and pay off the card each month. Otherwise, watch those interest rates.

• Ask about Cash Discounts

Some stations, especially in rural or less populated area, offer a discount for paying with cash. Even a few cents off per gallon can add up to savings. 

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• Consider Warehouse Clubs

Fuel Savings Tips from FMCA

Warehouse clubs are increasingly offering fuel discounts, but if you’re a diesel user and clubs carry only gasoline, a membership (sometimes costing $40 a year or more) may not be worth it to you. The other catch is that the fuel discount also may require shopping in the store for a minimum dollar purchase.

• Sign Up for Supermarket Loyalty Cards

Supermarket loyalty accounts can mean savings, and some of the large chains give points that add up to a fuel discount after you reach a certain amount. Some large chains even offer “double” or “triple points” during the summer months, which is considered the typical road trip season.  It’s usually easy and free to sign up for loyalty cards. 

With all the special offers, it’s important to always read the fine print. Be a smart consumer and do your homework. With a little planning, you CAN save at the pump.

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