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Getting All Shook Up On The Interstate 10 Washboard

by Marilyn and Tim
(Kissimmee, Fl)

Our Motorhome

Our Motorhome

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Well, before I forget (I'm old you all know), let me make sure that no one I know with an RV ever takes I-10 from Lafayette to Houston area. We found out after we got here, from some other RV'er, that they call that stretch of the road the "I-10 Washboard", boy are they right. We have NEVER been on a road like that before and I hope we never will again. We were on that horrible road for about 4 hours and it was just one huge pothole after another and of course, we're towing our Equinox. We are also towing 3 bicycles on a bike rack on the back window of the car. Not my idea.

OK, now here comes the next one of our many HAPPENINGS so far. We stopped at the Welcome Center at the Texas state line and while walking back to the car I notice something wrong with the backend of the car. We get up closer and guess what, yes, you're right, with all the stupid bouncing on the road the bike pedals had kept hitting the back window and yep, the whole window was busted out. Oh, the joys of making new experiences!! We can't do anything about it now, so we continue on our merry way.

We get to our next yucky campground and take the bikes off and Tim uses an entire roll of the ever wonderful, Duck Tape, and tapes up the whole back window. Of course by the time we got here in the famous town of Willis, TX it's after 6 PM and everything is closed, I get on the net and begin trying to find any auto glass company in the area, I called probably 15 different places, leaving messages.

Finally, one guy called me back, he would try and find our window in the warehouses on Sun., nope apparently they decided not to open on Sun. after all. He's going to try again tomorrow and if he finds one in stock he'll come to the campground and replace it. If he can't find one, he has a friend of a friend of a friend in Austin and will try and set it up for us to get it replaced when we get there.

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I just love these "happenings", if nothing else they do breed patience.

See you all at the next HAPPENING.

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Oldert Interstate Highways sure shake things UP!!!
by: Jerry Hull

We traveled across the county (three times) on the Northern Interstate Hwy and found the same issue with the pounding they give motorhomes. Not only was the jarring, banging and noise of pots, pans and flatware, or anything else that could make a noise in the coach deafening but also very tiring to drive more than a 100 miles. There was no respite for us passengers.

So, we took a break from the Interstate and turned off onto a frontage road paved with black top, and populated with places that served breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention other services that could provide jarring relief!! The nice thing about the road, it was smooth with a gentle rocking motion, AND no more jarring Caucougheny to wear out driver and passenger! Additionally, they followed the
interstate for miles.

So my suggestion is to get off the interstate at every opportunity, slow down and enjoy our fellow citizens who live there. You can meet some wonderful people that way!!

Do enjoy the "soft roads" and folks of America who live there.

Willis Tx
by: Anonymous

I love the way you described Willis TX. We live in Willis. As soon as my hubby retires we are OUT OF HERE! We will be selling our old house and either living in our current travel trailer or buying a fifth wheel. Headed west.

washboard experience
by: Nancy / Florida

Several years ago I drove the "washboard" from Florida to Houston. I was towing a small pop-up trailer with my 1985 Cadillac DeVille. This car had auto adjust rear air shocks. As I drove over the humps & bumps that go on & on - the rear of the car would keep getting lower & lower from the trailer tongue weight!

About every 20 miles I had to pull over, turn off the car - turn it back on and let the shocks adjust to level and continue on my trip! I never had any trouble towing with that car on any other road! I feel your pain!

Sharing the "Happenings"
by: Janice

Thank you for sharing the "happenings." I promise I don't feel glad for your woes. . .however, it does keep the rest of us from feeling like we're the only one with all these traumas and dramas!


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