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Getting Clean Safe Water While RVing

by Walt Long

Getting Clean Safe Water While RVing

Getting Clean Safe Water While RVing

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The Wife and I are full-timers...and sometimes when out in places where there is water that you cannot drink, we have found that the The Big Berkey Water Filter Systems are the best thing going for safe water.

we have the Royal Berkey Water Filter (pictured at the top of this page) and it does approx 3-4 gal an Hour is good for 6000 gals on the black filter and we have the optional pf-2 Fluoride/arsenic filters in it also and they are good for 1000 gals a lot of water for two. We have dumped the Filtered water in our freshwater tank at times to extend our stay out in the wild. look them up on net see what they do and how long they last. We think they are worth the cost and effort. Walt & Mel

Editor's Note: Take a look at the Video below for even more information on The Big Berkey Water Filter Systems

Berkey Water Filter Systems can remove:

Fluoride - over 99.9%.
Viruses – over 99.9%.
Pathogenic Bacteria - over 99.9%.
Lead - over 99.9%.
Arsenic - over 99.9%.
Iron - over 99.9%.
Mercury - over 99.9%.
Chlorine - over 99.9%.
Trihalomethane(THMs) – over 99.8%.
Bisphenol-A - over 99.9%.
Chloramines - over 99.9%.
Pharmaceuticals - over 99.5%.
Petroleum Contaminants - over 99.9%.
MCHM - over 99.9%.
Pesticides - over 99.9%.
Heavy Metals - over 99.1%.
Coliform and e-Coli - over 99.9%.
Atrazine - over 99.9%.
Uranium - over 97.0%.
Gross Alpha emitters - over 98.7%.

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