Hobo Packets

by Carl

Favorite Camping Recipes: Hobo Packets

Favorite Camping Recipes: Hobo Packets

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1 lb ground beef (can substitute ground turkey or chicken)
1 can green beans
3-4 potatoes
1 medium to large yellow onion

salt, pepper, or any other seasonings you like on meat and potatoes.


Split up the ground meat into 4-5 equal sized portions (you can form them into a rough patty shape, or put in the packet loose)

Cut up the potatoes into thin slices (just as you would do for fried potatoes)

Drain the can of green beans

Slice up the onion (or can dice the onion per your tastes)

On square sheets of aluminum foil (use heavy weight/extra thick) that has been sprayed with cooking spray (Pam)

Place a meat patty, a portion of green beans, handful of potato slices, and onion slices to taste (or diced onion).

salt and pepper to taste and/or you can use a seasoning mix of your choice, the meat and potatoes and green beans. (my wife uses Lawry's seasoning on the meat only and just salt and peppers the potatoes and green beans)

Wrap up the food in the square of aluminum foil, taking the two opposite sides and folding them together, up tight to the food.

Then fold up the ends of the foil making a semi-rectangular packet. Put these on the grill with the coals already white hot at about medium height, or on a gas grill low setting.

Turn the packets about every 8-10 minutes (I usually run 10 minutes per side, twice each side on the gas grill set on low flame) this gives about 40 minutes of cooking time.


If your charcoal grill is a little on the hot side, you might want to turn the packets every 5-6 minutes to keep from burning the food inside, or raise the grate higher.

The potatoes will be done tender and the flavors of everything will mingle, making it a savory, easy meal. You don't even need plates, as you can eat the meal right from the packet.

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by: Sheila Hagan

I have found that you can add cheddar cheese soup or cream of mushroom soup to this recepe and it is great

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