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Hooked Up House Battery Wrong On Travel Trailer and Now Have No 12 Volt DC Power

by Paul Mizzi
(Calgay, Alberta)

I hooked my battery wrong causing to lose some power. I have power through GFIC and plugs and Microwave. I have no power for lights, slide out, fridge. I have checked fuses and it appears all are OK. The conversion box was a bit warm. I have now unplugged everything. Any suggestions before I call in the expert at 100.00 per hr.

ANSWER: Greetings Paul thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

All of the electrical items that are not working in your Travel Trailer are 12 Volt DC accessories. Even though you say that you have checked all of your fuses and none appear burnt, you may want to inspect them closer. Sometimes a fuse is blown and it may not be that apparent, so take another look.

You may also want to check the cable on your battery to see if there is a fusible link that was burnt when you reversed the battery cables. The fact that your Converter is warm is not an indicator that there is a problem with it as Power Converters do generate heat under normal operating circumstances.

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I am afraid that if you have checked all of the simple things mentioned above, it is time to have a Certified RV Technician track down the problem with your travel trailer's 12 Volt DC electrical system and hope that no substantial damage has been done as a result of your mistake.

Sorry that I could not be of more help.

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