How Can I Add A Slide Out To My RV?

by Anonymous

We have a 42 ft. RV and are now living in it full time. Could you give me the name of manufacturers who could possiby add 1 slide-out unit to the front area of our RV?

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Yes, there are companies around the country that can add slide out rooms to RVs. They primarily only add slide outs to expensive Motorhomes that are built on bus chassis.

There is a simple reason that they usually only add slide outs to Motorhomes that are on bus chassis. The bus chassis structure can take the extra weight and structural stress of an added slide out.

I am sure one of these companies could install a slide out on other types of RVs. But first they would have to re-engineer your RV to accept a slide out and it will be very, very, very expensive and you will not recoup any of the cost when you sell your RV.

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It would be far more cost effective to trade in your existing RV for a newer one that has the slide outs you want.

I would be interested to hear from any of our visitors that may have had their RVs retrofitted with an after-market slide out.

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