How Can I Set Up My Travel Trailer Like A House In My Yard?

by Lee
(Madera, CA)

I would like set up my Travel Trailer like a house in my yard.

ANSWER: Greetings Lee thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Well Lee, I am afraid that I am not going to be the bearer of good news. You are probably going to find out that you may not be able to legally set up a travel trailer as permanent residence on your property. In some cities and counties it is not even legal to store your Recreation Vehicle on your own property, much less make it a permanent residence.

Since you live in the City Of Madera your first step should be to contact the City of Madera Community Development Department and see if you can even legally setup a Travel Trailer as a permanent residence.

Even if you find out you can, there are going to be all kinds of building codes that you are going to have abide by. Hopefully your inquiry with the city will not open up the proverbial "Can Of Worms" for you.

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I wish you the best of luck on your endeavour.

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RVing Al

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Utah Code (851-2a4b)
by: Uinta County Zoneing & Planning

Pertaning to Travil Trailers on private property. A private Resident may have up to one trailer on said property for up to 120 days while waiting for a home to be built or a place to rent.No septic tank is to be placed on site and all electrical cables must be kept a ground leval. After 120 days said persons will need a permit from City Zoneing or a fine can be set forth from the city.

love my tt
by: Anonymous

I have a travel trailer set up in my back yard. I ran a 55 amp power cord from my house to the trailer took about 225 ft cost around 500 dollars, then took the outside hose and now have water.

I plan on putting in one of the septic tanks that you can do yourself with the 55 gallon drums, you can find directions and material needed, I wanted privacy without being too far away from my daughter, son in law and 2 grands, so it is perfect for me if I need anything I just go to the main house where I do still have a bedroom if wanted I am a widow so this is perfect for me and no I didnt check for permits,

"house" trailer
by: Jerry

If you find out that your codes do permit the "house" trailer on your propery then maybe check with a mobile home supply store/dealer and bring this question up to them. They may suggest skirting, and maybe a small deck going to the door. There are issues with water/electricity/ sewer that they may be able to help you with too.

Don't forget to add satellite TV, so when your wife does kick you out of the house you will have that available.

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