How can you keep the decals on your RV from peeling off?

by Lana
(Ocala, FL)

How to Keep Your RV's Decals from Cracking and Peeling off

How to Keep Your RV's Decals from Cracking and Peeling off

How can you keep the rv decals from peeling off?

ANSWER: Hi Lana, peeling decals on RV's is an all too common problem. Once the decals become brittle and start peeling, there is no reliable way that I am aware of to safely reattach them to your RV. I would advise against using any kind of adhesives or glues to reattach them as those products could damage the gel coat, fiberglass or metal of your RV.

If your RV is under warranty you should be able to get the decals replaced. If the RV is out of warranty then you have the choice of removing all of the peeling decals and replacing them. Please read the answer I gave to Where Can I Get Replacement Decals For My 5th Wheel Trailer?

Vinyl decals on RVs can be damaged by chemicals such as petroleum distillates that are contained in some waxes, by prolonged exposure to the sun's ultra violet rays, excessive scrubbing when cleaning the exterior of the RV, etc.

303 Aerospace Protectant

There are two proven ways of protecting the vinyl decals on an RV. The first is by treating them with a protectant. The one I highly recommend is 303 Aerospace Protectant (Pictured Above). Below you can read what the manufacturer says about their product.

"RV, Motorhome and Vehicle Decals
Have you ever had your decals or 'stripes' on your RV or motorhome fade or crack from oxidation? Here is why.

The decal/stripes on RVs are vinyl. As a general rule, one should refrain from using anything containing petroleum distillates
or abrasives on vinyl, including Vinyl decals. Unfortunately, most waxes contain petroleum distillates and often abrasives.

303 Aerospace Protectant is the only proven effective treatment that is safe for vinyl.

Therefore if you use wax on your motorhome it would be best to treat the vinyl decals first with 303 Aerospace Protectant. Spray on/wipe off. Then 303 would repel any wax over sprayed or wiped onto the decal. It's quite durable and effective repellency is an added benefit 303 Protectant provides in this application."

The second way to protect your RV's finish is by covering it when it is not in use. I am a firm believer in covering your RV whenever it is not in use for 2 weeks or more. Properly designed and installed RV Covers and RV Tire Protectors will protect your RV regardless of what time of year it is.

Covering your RV protects it from the harmful effects of the sun, rain, wind, snow, etc. which can prolong that new RV look that everyone loves. All the rubber items on your RV such as tires, slide out seals, etc. are covered slowing their deterioration. Having to replace RV Tires due to dry rot is expensive. So, the cost of buying a good quality RV Cover more than pays for itself after using it for a couple of seasons.

I hope this helps

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Question about Aerospace 303 protectant
by: Anonymous

Hi, I read with interest your advice on using the Aerospace 303 on decals. Is this product OK to use on our RV instead of wax on the body of the unit too or just the decals. I wrote the company with this question but never got an answer.

Answer: Hi, Aerospace 303 Protectant is designed to be used on vinyl, rubber & plastics. It is not designed to be used on Gel Coat or fiberglass.

They do have a product called 303 Marine Quick Wax which is safe to use on Gel Coat and Fiberglass. It is designed to use on boats, but it could be used on an RV. I would test a small area on your RV before doing the whole RV. Just a warning here, this product also contains Carnuba Wax and will require buffing after application.

There are all kinds of 303 products available that can be used on your RV.

Just a note here; I have not personally used the 303 Marine Quick Wax on my RV, hopefully some of our visitors that have used it can leave a comment here.

I hope this helps.

RVing Al

303 Aerospace protectant
by: Anonymous

We have used the 303 protectant twice a year, without fail, on our 4-year old fifth wheel. We also cover it during the winter, but it's outside.

Our decals are peeling TERRIBLY. We've never put wax on them, nothing but mild detergent when cleaning before the protectant.

While I think the product is a good one, it didn't protect our decals AT ALL.

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