How Come The Electrical Outlets On One Side Of My RV Don't Work?

by Cathy Smith
(Barbourville, KY)

I have just recently bought a 1994 Swinger Custom by Georgie Boy so I am a new to the RV world, problem is the outlets have stopped working on one side of the RV but they did work until I was using a small vacuum cleaner and I heard a snap noise and now all the electric plugs on the driver’s side does not work but all the lights do work.

I went outside and checked all the breakers and turned them off and back on thinking it was just a breaker but this didn't help. Oh and my electric plugs are the old ones and are not the CFCI plugs. I would appreciate any help.


ANSWER: Greetings Cathy thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Let me start off by letting you know why the lights on that side of the RV are still working. The lights are powered by your RV's 12 volt DC electrical system and were not affected by your 120 volt electrical system problem.

I am going to take you on your word that your RV does not have any GFCI outlets. Because of what you described that would have been the first thing I would have had you check. Since you say that you heard a snap noise when the power went out, it does sound like a circuit breaker.

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You said that you checked in your electrical compartment and did not find any tripped breakers. You may have a hidden breaker in your RV. You need to start looking inside all of your cabinets in the RV. Some RV manufacturers have been known to put circuit breakers in the cabinets. I also wouldn't be surprised if you even find a hidden GFCI outlet in one of those cabinets.

If you do not find any hidden breakers or GFCI Outlets then you may have to take your RV in and have a Certified RV Technician take a look at it.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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Electrical outlets not working
by: Diana

Hi I also have a travel trailer which is an 06 Coachmen FEMA trailer and last night before I went to bed I plugged my heater up to the outlet the old Outlets buy the plug in over the sink in the kitchen and the other night I bought me a throw and electric throw cuz it's kind of cool outside so when I woke up this morning my heater is off but my electric blanket is on and that outlet that my electric blanket is plugged into is on the same side as the plug-in of where my heater was plugged in. Does anybody know why those two outlets are not working? If you do please let me know thank you all so very much have a blessed day!

Still not working
by: Anonymous

My outlet is located in the kitchen. The red light was on. We replaced it and the light is now green but still no working outlets on the one sideli

by: Anonymous

Half my rv has working outlets. Rv plugged into house power. Changed gdfi (?) outlet and red light has now turned green. Still no power. I do not have a battery hooked up.

Changed Charger (new)
by: Tony Goulet

Plugged in to house power. Lights work, water pump. NO fridge, no stereo, no light to show power and water!


Electrical outlets
by: Anonymous

If yours is like mine there is a GCFI outlet in the bath room reset it and they will all start working again.

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