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How Come The Holding Tank Gauges On My RV Never Give An Accurate Reading?

by Sheri Minzey

How to Fix an  Inaccurate RV  Holding Tank Monitor

How to Fix an Inaccurate RV Holding Tank Monitor

I am an owner of a Jayco 1997 since I have had it the gauges for the holding, gray and fresh tanks always show the same. I would like to know if there is a reset button or anything I can do about this?

ANSWER: Hi Sheri, there is no reset button for the holding tank gauges on your RV. There are two common problems that could cause the gauges to read inaccurately. Please follow the steps below.

1. Check For A Blown Fuse: It is very common for the fuses that operate the gauges to blow and you must check this first before moving on to step two.

Check all the 12 volt DC automobile type fuses in the electrical compartment of your RV. Replace any fuses that are blown and then recheck the gauges.

If you do not find any blown fuses or the problem still exists after changing a blown fuse move on to step two.

2. Clean Dirty Holding Tank Probes (sensors): Dirty holding tank Probes or Sensors is the most common cause of holding tank gauges giving inaccurate readings.

Crud and debris build-up on the probes or sensors and causes them not to give out readings. The first thing you should do is use some RV Probe Cleaner in all of your holding tanks and see if that resolves the problem.

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As I said at the beginning the two conditions I listed above are the more common causes of what you are experiencing. If the steps above do not fix the problem you may have to take your RV in and have it looked at by a Certified RV Technician.

They should look for a bad sensor or probe, faulty wiring to sensors or probes or a bad RV Monitor Panel. A Certified RV Technician is better equipped than a do-it-yourselfer is to diagnose and repair these types of problems.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

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Black/Gray water probe problems
by: T_Vassar

Calgon Water Softener

We have a 2007 Jayco and was having the same issues. My wife found an easy solution to cleaning the probes in both tanks. Add 1 gallon of water, 1 cup of Calgon water softener and 1 cup of Dawn (the blue one) to your holding takes after dumping and they will be clean and smell good too. Hope this helps!

Pulled out wire
by: Anonymous

With my 2014 Jayco the slide stopped working and the holding tank lights all showed full. Found that the slide motor pin that holds the motor shaft grabbed a bunch of wiring and pulled the wires apart. One set ran the slide the other ran the holding tank lights. This was a fowl up on the assembly line when someone did not tie up the lines. I simply reconnected the lines, zip tied the wires away from the motor and it all works. The Holding tank lights are all operational.

Don't need them anyway.
by: Anonymous

I had working gauges for about four months on my new RV but then the grey and black water gauges quit working.

I soon learned that I can judge if the black water is full by a quick peek down the hole when flushing. The grey water starts backing up into my bathtub. Fresh water gauge is still working but I have noticed the pump changes noise when it gets low and I stopped checking the gauge for when it was time to refill. I just go by the pump noise.

Once you've had your RV for a while you don't need gauges anyway. You just know.

gauge repair
by: happycamper51

My experience with Jayco gauge setups is this. The powder you are supposed to put in the tanks did little if any good.

When these unit are built there is nothing added to the very fine wire connections to prohibit corrosion of the terminal.. external to the tank.
Very carfully remove the terminal nut. I've found it most helpful to obtain 2 10-32 nuts ( I think) and double nut the thread enough to be able to hold the stud from turning, then remove the nut holding the terminal wire on. Clean all corrosion off the terminal and stud. Examine the connection between the terminal and wire, correct if necessary. Reassemble carefully, don't overtighten. Apply some white lith grease or dilectric grease to the assy to reduce further reoccurance.

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