How Come The House Batteries On My Motorhome Don't Charge?

by Mike Bradley
(Lewiston, Idaho)

2005 Fleetwood Expedition aux batteries won't charge. On 20/30 amp ground power or with the generator running the batteries will eventually discharge to around 6.5 volts then the generator shuts down and/or the ground power indicator on the power management panel goes off.

I have to start the engine and let it run for several minutes before the generator will restart or the ground power indicator will again come on. I have removed all 4 batteries and charged them individually and cleaned all the terminals.

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All batteries appear to charge completely but I did not do a load test. Is there a breaker or fuse that might be my problem? I do not have an electrical diagram for this unit but do have access to a 2003 Fleetwood Discovery diagram. Any chance that might help?? Any help you might be able to provide would be appreciated.


ANSWER: Hi Mike this sounds exactly like a charging system problem and not a battery problem. When your generator is running or you are plugged into electric the battery charger that is in all likelihood part of your RV's Electrical Converter should be charging the House Batteries (Auxiliary Batteries).

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When you run the engine of your Motorhome the alternator on your Motorhomes engine takes overcharging your house batteries and that is why they are charging back up enough to restart your generator.

About the only thing you can do is with the RV unplugged from outside electric and the generator off is to check for blown fuses, tripped breaker, or a loose wire in the electrical compartment of your Motorhome. If you find a blown fuse, a tripped breaker or loose wire fix the problem and then try running your generator or plugging in your RV and see if that alleviated the problem.

You might also check for any blown in-line fuses on any of the cables or wires leading to your house batteries.

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If you find no blown fuses or tripped breakers then you need to take your Motorhome in and have the charging system diagnosed by a Certified RV Technician. I strongly advise against trying to repair the charging system by opening up your RV's Converter.

I hope this helps.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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house batteries
by: Anonymous

when connected to shore power plug charger into on board 110 oulet. when on road do same when gen is running gen batts will remain charging as long as gen set is running

dead batteries
by: Anonymous

If your batteries have panels on top that you can pop up and remove, fill the battery with distilled water from any wal-mart up to the bottom of the holes then put the panel back on and try a charge on it again. Marine batteries hold a charge longer also

batteries not charging
by: Frank Kreutzer

Mike I have all the books for my 05 expedition.if you are interested my E-MAIL is On your inverter there is lights and push button switches make shore the charge light is on if not try pushing the button to turn it on. if that don't work i may have some other remedies.the inverter is right above the electric power cord.I'M also on FACEBOOK.

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