How Do I Add a Screen Room to My RV's Awning

by Ed Maikranz
(Abilene, texas)

How to Add a Screen Room to Your RV

How to Add a Screen Room to Your RV

I would like to add a screen room to the awning of my RV. How do I choose one?

ANSWER: Hi Ed, ordering an Carefree Screen Rooms (pictured at the top of this page) is easy, basically all you need to know is the width of the awning on your RV.

Most Awning Screen Rooms fit both manual or automatic awnings.

First, let's review the advantages of RV Screen Rooms

Advantages of RV Screen Rooms

1. Protection from bugs and other pests: Screen rooms provide a barrier between you and bugs, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without being constantly bothered by mosquitoes and other pests.

2. Increased living space: Screen rooms can provide additional living space for your RV, allowing you to relax and entertain guests in a comfortable and protected environment.

3. Increased ventilation: RV Screen Rooms allow for cross ventilation, which can help keep your RV's temperature more comfortable during hot weather.

4. Protection from the sun: Screen rooms can provide shade, which can help to protect you from harmful UV rays.

5. Increased privacy: Screen rooms can provide privacy, which can be especially useful if you're camping in a crowded RV park.

6. Cost-effective: A Screen Room is a cost-effective way to increase your RV's living space and functionality. It can be a more affordable option than buying a bigger RV.

7. Versatility: Screen rooms can be used for various purposes, such as dining, relaxing, game area, or even as an additional sleeping area.

8. Easy to set up and take down: Most RV screen rooms are easy to set up and take down, making them an excellent option for RVers who like to move around frequently.

Next, let's review the diverse types of RV Screen Rooms available.

Types of Screen Rooms Available

1. Freestanding screen rooms: These independent structures can be set up next to an RV. They typically have a frame and canvas walls
and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

2. Add-a-room screen rooms: These attach to the side of an RV and create additional living space. They can be permanent or removable and often have a hard roof and zippered walls.

3. RV Awning screen rooms: These attach to the side of an RV and are usually made of mesh or canvas. They can be extended out from the RV to create a shaded area.

4. Pop-up screen rooms: These are compact and lightweight and can be set up on the side of an RV to create a screened-in area.

5. Inflatable screen rooms: These are like pop-up rooms but inflated using an air pump.

6. Motorhome screen rooms: Some motorhomes come with built-in screen rooms as part of the design.

7. Screen room tents: Have screens on all sides to allow cross-ventilation and protection from bugs.
Ultimately the best option for you will depend on your RV and personal preferences.

Things you Need to Know About RV Awning Screen Rooms:

These screen rooms take a little while to set up. With most models you will need a Step Ladder to set them up properly. So you will have to plan extra space in your RV for the ladder. Some models require that you permanently attach some fasteners to your awning.

Some models require that you hammer stakes into the ground to hold the room down. So if you are on a cement RV pad, they will not install properly.

The video below will give you a basic idea on how the setup process works.

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I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Comments for How Do I Add a Screen Room to My RV's Awning

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how to
by: linda carle

the screen room I have does not fit in the track of my awning, what can I use to adapt it?

by: Anonymous

I have purchase a used pop up camper and it come with Colorado carefree screen room. I dont know how to setup with my camper. Most video I see online are setup for RV, not for pop up camper. Can anyone please help? Thank you

Question slide in way.
by: Anonymous

I have a solitude with slide between front and back door. Is there a room to fit around a slide and still be good size.

Where to buy
by: Dean

Where can I buy one like the one in the video? I also want the cover part for where the steps are and covering the tires. My awning is 18'3". Manual. Carefree from Colorado

Looks easy but not so easy
by: Anonymous

We have Carefree room & awning for our pop-up tent trailer. We have used it 2x. Love it when it's set up, but major cussing when setting up. Just watched this video. Our model does not have the separate little slot/clip to hang the panel before connecting. Neither do we have the adjustable bungee tighteners. Both would be a huge help. Printed (detailed) instructions are worthless. you are on your own. One thing that is unresolved yet is that there is no attachment to the walls of the tent trailer on the ends. After our dog chased a chipmunk around in the room we tried duct tape, but that is not a good solution for just spending $1,200 on the screen room. also, we have to use poles, & double for the end rafters. They are not easy to get both up in the sewn on web loops. If anyone has some good ideas I would like to know. Things can still get in under the door step and the gaping pop up fabric wall. We are not able to stake the vinyl skirt down in campsites we have been in. Rain stays out, but runoff can come in under walls and from cement pad, so you have to be careful to have ground tarp inside & above side walls, but then walls will get muddy. It does really expand our comfort zone. The windows are nice, we can zip the privacy panel if we want. Dirty shoes stay out of the camper, we set up a card table and enjoy.

Thanks for doing this
by: Jerry

We were trying to figure out how this works from the product description but couldn't, your video cleared up all our questions.

Not for me
by: Anonymous

Too much work just enjoy the outside. That is what camping is about

screen room in weather
by: Suzie

I just sold my 30 foot Gulfstream Conquest with it's original manual awning and screen room. Snaps were put in the walls of the trailer and fasteners for the side poles. It worked great, but was very heavy and cumbersome. We only put it up if we were staying more than two nights.

In bad weather (such as a tornado warning in St Louis) you have to scramble to take down the screen room and retract the awning. The room is heavy and helps hold the awning in place during light breezes. All in all, I liked it and will buy another for my new trailer.

Screen Porch for Roadtrek
by: Heapie

My neighbor took netting, attached it to the awning with very large spring clips from Staples and just hung it. For under the rv, they sewed magnets in the netting and stuck it to the rv. It is on my to-do list. KISS.

screen room on power awnings
by: Bobbi

DO NOT add a screen room to a power awning unless is it specifically made for power awnings!

The power awning will break right in half if you add a regular screen room. U know this from the experience of a neighbor of ours at the campground!

by: Kim V

I live in an area that gets pretty windy during Spring. How does the screen room hold up in wind and are there recommendations for when the porch should be put away (e.g., 15 mph winds)?

by: Ed Mairanz

I would love to hear personal experiences anyone has had with particular rooms you may have used. (good or bad)

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