How Do I Change The Light Bulbs In The Light Fixtures Under The Cabinet Of My 2005 Pace Arrow Mothorhome?

by Neil
(Visalia, CA)

I have a 2005 Pace Arrow and it has a couple of cabin lights that have burned out. They are the lights that are installed in the bottom of the shelf over the sofa. I have tried to pry them out but don't want to pry too hard and break something. It does not look like they screw out -- I really can't find a way to get to them out.

ANSWER: Greetings Neil thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

There are all kinds of RV Interior Light Fixtures available for RVs, since I do not know what type of fixture you have under the cabinets in your RV it will be hard for me to tell you how to replace the bulbs.

Depending on the type of light fixture we are talking about there are different ways to access the bulbs. In some fixtures you would use a small flat head screwdriver to remove the lense to access the bulb, in others the lense itself unscrews so you can get to the bulbs, in other fixtures you have to pop the fixture out of the cabinet to access the bulb from the back, etc.

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I am sorry I cannot tell you exactly how to get to the bulb as RV Manufacturers use different fixtures in different models of their RVs

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