How Do I Childproof My RV's Slide Out Switches?

by Brooke
(Mount Pleasant, IA)

How to Childproof Your RV's Slide Out Switches

How to Childproof Your RV's Slide Out Switches

We just purchased a travel trailer with 2 slide-outs. They each have separate switches located in different spots in the camper. The main slide switch is located just inside the door, next to several other switches, including light switches. This may pose a safety concern for all of us when turning on lights in the dark.

The second slide switch is on the wall right by the children's bunkhouse. What kid doesn't like buttons? We don't want this to be a problem and are looking for a solution.

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Do they make locking covers for these buttons? Is there something "homemade" we can do to cover them? Would it be better to somehow disconnect the power from them altogether (maybe locating the fuse)?

We are looking forward to years of camping fun in this trailer and don't want to start out with any problems caused by a sweet toddler.


ANSWER: Hi Brooke, you are correct about kids loving to push buttons; when I was a kid, I used to like to push my parents' buttons all the time, but that is a whole different story.

Many years ago, some RVs used to come with a keyed slide-out switch, and you would actually have to use the removable key to activate the slide and move it in and out, but as far
as I can tell, these switches are no longer available and even if they were they could be a pain to install.

Universal Wall Switch Lockout Cover

But do not despair there is a simple solution out there. Master lock makes a Universal Wall Switch Lockout Cover (pictured above) that you can easily install on most any wall switch. You should be able to install this over your RV's Slide Out Switches and use a small padlock to keep it closed. Installation should only require a screwdriver

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And yes this safety cover is only available in an attractive bright red color that includes a scary optional danger decal that you can install. You can even buy a matching bright red padlock which also includes it's own exclusive warning labels. Of course you do have the option of painting the cover a more pleasing color that better matches the decor of the interior of your RV.

I believe this is probably the most cost-effective way of preventing the little munchkins from unexpectedly closing the slides on you, that is, unless they figure out how to start picking locks. :-)

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