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How Do I Fix The Rattles and Squeaks In My Motorhome?

by Anonymous

How to Fix The Rattles and Squeaks In a Motorhome

How to Fix The Rattles and Squeaks In a Motorhome

I have a 1998 Fourwind Windsport Class A motorhome with a dashboard that squeaks and rattles when driving.

The dashboard screws in front of the window are tight, but it still shakes and squeaks. I have placed a small towel between the window and the dash, which only helped slightly.

I am wondering if there are suggestions for putting padding or other materials to stop the rattle. The dashboard seems to be thin plastic and is loose along the front window. Any advice is appreciated.

ANSWER: First, I need to let you know the problem you are experiencing with your Motorhome is very common and a very irritating problem to many RVers.

As you have noticed, the dashboard on your RV is made of very thin plastic material, so I definitely would not recommend that you remove it as there is a very good chance that you will break the dash.

Below are some of my suggestions for reducing your Rattling, squeaking, and shaking problems.

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1. With an electric screwdriver in hand, go on a screw tightening mission: Look for anything that is attached to the dashboard and tighten the attachment screws. This would include any drawers that are in the dash (tighten drawer slides). If you can get under the dash check for any loose screws in that area.

2. Stop the squeaks: The squeaks are caused by your Motorhome's dash rubbing on adjoining parts of the RV. You can use upholstery foam and/or self adhesive foam weather stripping to keep the parts from rubbing together.

3. Secure loose wiring: You could have a lot of loose wiring rattling around under the dash that could be causing the noises you are hearing. You can secure these wires together by using zip ties.

I hope the above information helps. Some of our visitors might have suggestions for you as well; if so, they can leave their comments by clicking on the "Click Here To Post Comments" link located near the bottom of this page.

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Shake Rattle and Roll
by: Dano

yep, good luck with that, good advice given above. Adding a suggestion, look for where the most vibration occurs and try to fabricate more support for the flimsy plastic, add vertical wooden trusses etc. This will require some mechanical and woodworking skills, but a quiet journey will make it worthwhile.

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