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How Do I Get Rid of the Condensation in My RV

by Anonymous

How to get rid of Condensation in an RV

How to get rid of Condensation in an RV

I have a problem with my 1995 Leisure Travel Freedom wide body. When we use the furnace especially on a rainy night, We have condensation on the inside of every window in the motorhome.

Is there anything that can be done to eliminate or reduce the amount of condensation? Any help would be appreciated.

ANSWER: Hi thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page

This is a common problem for RVers that do a lot of camping during the winter. Since an RV is sealed up tightly during the winter humidity will become a problem. Running the furnace, cooking, taking a hot shower or even breathing will cause excessive moisture to build up in the RV. This moisture will build up on the inside of windows, walls, etc, and in some cases this moisture will even freeze on the inside of the RV.

One of the things you can do is invest in a dehumidifier or a couple of dehumidifiers for a larger RV to get the moisture under control. Running a dehumidifier will definitely help. You can also get some DampRid Moisture absorbing crystals or packets and spread them around the RV. Make sure that you read the instructions on these crystals and packets thoroughly. If you have any kids or pets you want to make sure that you keep any chemicals such as the crystals out of their reach.

The video below gives even more information on products that will help
eliminate the accumulation of moisture in your RV.

Here are links to the products mentioned in the video:


H2Out Space Dryers


Maxxair vent cover

Here are a couple more things you can do to help reduce and eliminate the moisture problems while winter RVing.

* Always run the vent above the stove while cooking or baking, so that it will suck the excessive moisture out of your RV.

* Always keep the pots on the stove covered when cooking.

* If you use a tea pot make sure you shut if off immediately when it starts to boil.

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* When you take a shower you should open up the nearest roof vent if possible to get the moisture out and if the vent has an electric fan you should turn it on. You should do the same thing when washing dishes in your RV.

* If possible keep at least 1 window or vent cracked to help eliminate the moisture buildup problem.

Once you discover the moisture you should start drying windows, walls, etc. to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

I hope that this helps.

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Happy RVing

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Moisture issue in rv living
by: Anonymous

Found a cheap solution at the Dollar Tree. It's called Moisture Eliminator. Remove the plastic cover, remove foil, replace plastic cover, place where the moisture is building up. When the entire bottom of the container is gel, replace it with a new 1. Works great!

by: John

It's always best to have some ventilation when running the heat in a RV. Propane gas produces water vapor when burned. I usually crack a window and slightly open an overhead vent.

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