How Do I Install a Wireless Backup Camera on My RV

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How to Install a Wireless Backup Camera on Your RV

How to Install a Wireless Backup Camera on Your RV

I have a 1998 Holiday Rambler RV. I need to install a wireless backup camera?

ANSWER: Hi, before we get to the actual installation procedure, let's talk about choosing the proper Wireless Backup Camera System for your RV. A Backup Camera System for an RV can cost less than $100.00 or well over $900.00 depending on the options it comes with.

One of the most important features of a wireless camera system is how far the camera transmits its signal to the monitor. If you have a 45' motorhome, you definitely want a wireless backup system that is rated to transmit that distance or further.

Here are some of the basic options that you can choose from on a Wireless Backup Camera System. Remember that each of these options can increase the cost of the system.

* The size of the monitor, the larger the monitor the more the system costs.

* Night Vision will cost more.

* How many cameras that the system can use. Some systems allow you to connect with more than 1 camera, so you can use cameras on the side of your RV to safely change lanes.

* A sound option on the system so that you can hear your spouse screaming backing directions to you can also cost more.

There are also more options available that I have not listed that can increase the cost. It's up to you to decide what options you need and how much of a hit your wallet can take.

OK, now to the installation. Take a look at the video below by RVing Expert Mark Polk.

Here are the Voyager Wireless Digital Observation Systems that Mark refers to in the video


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A couple of notes on the information in the installation video.

* If you are replacing a preexisting backup camera, you can use the 12-volt connection it was attached to.

* Remember, if you are going to tap into the 12-volt wires on your RV's marker lights as recommended, the RV's headlights will have to be on for the camera to operate. I recommend that you always travel with your headlights on whether you are in your car or RV as it makes you more visible to other drivers.

* If you are going to screw the camera bracket to the back of your RV make sure you put some Silicone Sealant on the threads of the bracket screws before screwing them in to prevent any chance of leaks.

* Most Backup monitors that come with wireless backup systems include a Cigarette Lighter Adapter to power the monitor. If you do not want to have that adapter wire cluttering up your dash, you can always drill a hole in the dash and tap into a 12-volt wire that is live when the RVs or Tow Vehicles Ignition is on.

* Make sure that when you install the Backup Monitor on the dash of your RV or Tow Vehicle that it can be easily viewed from the driver's position.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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