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How Do I Repair A Leak In My RV's Skylight?

by Ann
(Halifax Canada)

How to Repair a Leaking RV Skylight

How to Repair a Leaking RV Skylight

We have a 2004 Terry Quantum by Fleetwood. We have just noticed water coming in around the skylight over the tub. We have checked on the roof and there are no cracks in the caulking or sealing and no cracks in the skylight itself.

It appears only when there is a drying rain with wind. This Trailer is parked as a seasonal on a lot, so no traveling. Any ideas where this water could be traveling from? We have a full rubber roof.

ANSWER: Hi Ann, since you do not tell me how much water is actually coming in, I just want to make sure that you are not mistaking some normal condensation that may form on the inside of a skylight due to humidity that normally occurs in the bathroom area. If you are sure that this is not condensation; then please follow the steps below to see if we can track down where the water is actually coming from.

1. Since you say that you do not see any cracks in the skylight itself, we will assume that it is not the culprit here. You need to go on the roof of your trailer and inspect it again. Do not just check the caulking around the Skylight; you need to check any vents or accessories that are attached to the roof within 6 or 7 feet of the Skylight itself.

There could be a vent or attachment that has cracked caulking, etc. around it that is causing water to leak into the trailer and it is traveling to the Skylight and leaking in there. Since you say that it happens when it is windy this is a good possibility.

2. Do a thorough inspection of your rubber roof for any breaks or cracks in the rubber membrane. If the membrane even has a small hole or crack it needs to be repaired.

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3. If you have not found any obvious problems on your roof, then you need to perform a water test by spraying water on the roof with a garden hose while having someone in the Trailer looking for any leakage.

Hopefully, by taking these steps we have found the problem. Now it is time to repair the leak. If it turns out to be a bad seal around the
skylight or another vent close by or even a rip or tear in the rubber roof, there are two ways of repairing the problem. The Easy Way or the Hard Way.

The Hard Way: Completely removing the Vent or Skylight reinstalling, resealing, and recaulking it.

The Easy Way: By using a product called EternaBond RV Roof Repair Tape. EternaBond is specifically designed for the RVer. Eternabond's advanced MicroSealant Technology with built-in primers and a specialized white UV stable backing. Perfect for all RV roof repairs and maintenance. Truly a one step process. Very little pre-cleaning necessary.

Take a look at the video below to see how easy EternaBond is to use to seal a leak on an RV's roof.

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Here are the products mentioned in the video:

EternaBond RV Roof Repair Tape

Eternabond Etranaclean Spray Cleaner - 14 oz.

Eternabond Etranaprime Spray Primer, 14 oz.

Did you know RV roof seams require yearly maintenance? Use EternaBond over factory roof seams one time and never do roof seam maintenance again! 25-year warranty! More than 25 high-end RV manufacturers now use EternaBond products in the manufacturing of their dream machines to ensure their customers will truly have a weather-tight, leak-proof RV. By the way, the only tools you need to use EternaBond is a pair of scissors.

You should use this around all of your trailer's vents and any accessories that are attached to the roof. You should use it even if the caulking, sealant looks good as it will prevent any future leaks from occurring. It is very easy to install all you do is clean the area you plan to use it on with some Rubber Roof Cleaner. Then measure and cut the tape to the lengths you want and slowly peel off the tape backing as you firmly press and apply the tape, it instantly forms a waterproof seal. It can also be used to patch any holes or cracks you may have in your rubber roof.

Hopefully, this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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1 piece rubber roof
by: Anonymous

Flex Seal

My 2005 coachman 24T has a rubber roof. I noticed a lot of chalking and after moving 200 miles away, I got a leak in my shower skylight. I used white Flex Seal and hand brushed it on the entire roof. Best thing I have done to this trailer yet.it bonds to the rubber roof Like it was meant to be. It also has cooled the trailer at least 10 15 degrees. I also bought 2 small cans in grey and painted the ac cover and the vent covers that make them aerodynamic. They were getting that old plastic look, now look new and not brittle like before. Don't think that all things RV is special. A lot of normal household from home depot or building supply stores work fine.

rv skylight leaks
by: Anonymous

have a 10 yo travel trailer with 2 skylights. one in the center of the trailer, one over the tub.
both have leaked, one i have resealed with dicor more than once. i have just ordered 2 new skylights, and i will take them both out, prep, replace and re-seal.

skylights in an rv is a bad idea! good for the rv repair shop! lol

RV Skylight
by: RV Roofer

What you need to do is remove all self leveling caulking, lap sealant, then acetone where your going to put a 4" fiber backed seam tape that accepts a coating( not siliconized) coat the seam tape with 2 coats, never get up on your rv roof to inspect your seams again.

vent leak
by: Anonymous

If you think its the vent/lid that is causing the leak just cover the area with a peice of plastic just to determine if its the vent/lid. If it leaks still then you know your leak is coming from another source. No need to do a hose test. Just wait for it to rain. Or you can hose it. I also have the same problem. You can buy cover's that that are made to protect the lid, and keep the water/wind out...

Traveling Leaks
by: Bill Russell

My 4-year-old RV developed a leak at the skylight in the shower. I performed a temporary repair. The next rainfall I noticed my rear vent at the bedroom was leaking along with the shower skylight leak. I removed both fixtures (hard way) and found the manufacturer had performed a obvious but inadequate leak repair before selling me my unit. The original leak at the shower had travelled under the rubber membrane roof back to the bedroom vent. This was caused by the RV being parked at an uphill angle. The wood underlayment was moist and discolored but still firm. I reached as far under the membrane as I could from each leak location to dry and disinfect both the wood and rubber. I will now replace both devices correctly. I wonder if putty underneath and eternabond above the flanges would be a better repair? Any input?

by: Wayne

I used Eternabond around my leaking skylight which stopped the leak for one winter. The rainy season is here again this fall and it is leaking again. The roof has no damage, skylight is perfect. Looks like I should'nt have wasted my time and money on Eternabond. Now I get to remove the skylight and do it the hard way.

check the sides
by: Anonymous

where the water seems to come in mostly during windy wheather check the sides towards the top where the roof and sides meet, the water could be coming in from the side and is running downhill until it reachs the dam caused by the skylight and than it drips down,

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