How Do I Repair The Cracked Caulking Around The Vents On The Roof Of My RV?

by Johny Sheets
(El Paso TX)

I have a 2001 Workhorse, Condor class A motorhome. I was checking the roof (fiberglass I believe) and noticed that the sealing compound around the vents (sewer), skylight, and front and rear are cracked. Can I recoat the roof of this RV by myself? I have the mechanic abilities that are required to do this.

I live in West Texas and the sun is always shining on the RV. Please explain the procedure and where I may obtain the materials to complete the job and do it properly.


ANSWER: Greetings Johny thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

I have very good news for you there is a very easy way to permanently seal any types of cracking you have around vents and seams on your RV roof and it does not matter whether the roof is fiberglass or rubber. The product is called EternaBond One-Step RV Roof Repair Tape. If you can use a pair of scissors you can use EternaBond to seal the seams and vents on your RV.

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to use EternaBond Tape on your RV. They talk about using it on Vents, Skylights, etc. towards the middle of the video.

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Did you know RV roof seams require yearly maintenance?
Use EternaBond One-Step RV Roof Repair Tape over factory roof seams one time and never do roof seam maintenance again! More than 25 high-end RV manufacturers now use EternaBond products in the manufacturing of their dream machines to ensure their customers will truly have a weather tight, leak-proof RV. By the way the only tools you need to use EternaBond is a pair of scissors.

You should use this around all of your trailer's vents and any accessories that are attached to the roof. You should use it even if the caulking, sealant looks good as it will prevent any future leaks from occurring. It is very easy to install all you do is clean the area you plan to use it on. Then measure and cut the tape to the lengths you want and slowly peel off the tape backing as you firmly press and apply the tape, it instantly forms a water proof seal.

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

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Happy RVing

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