How Do I Replace The Rotted Wood On My 1982 Holidaire Travelaire Travel Trailer?

by Gary

Hi, I just bought my trailer and I noticed that the siding along the bottom side of it was starting to lift. I noticed the wood underneath had gotten wet and started to rot away. I dont think it is to bad but was wondering if and how I could replace the bottom part of the wall with plywood or whatever it is, and also what kind of stuff am I gonna find behind the siding (electrical and stuff)?

Thanx Gary

ANSWER: Greetings Gary thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

Since I cannot visibly inspect the problems with the structure of your Travel Trailer there is no way that I can tell you how to repair it.

At this point I strongly suggest that you get someone to come out and inspect your Travel Trailer before you even consider starting repair work. When it comes to water damage in a wood framed Travel Trailer there could be a lot more rotted or rotting wood not visible to you.

You could have a leaking roof or leaking plumbing that is causing your problem and unless that is repaired properly water damage will occur again.

The person that inspects the Travel Trailer will be able to walk you through what should be done to repair the structural integrity of your Travel Trailer.

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As far as wiring, plumbing, etc. there is no way I can tell you where it runs and unfortunately you will probably not be able find any schematics available for your travel trailer. So you will have to use caution and common sense when repairing the Travel Trailer so as not to damage these components.

I hope that the repairs that you have to do turn out to be minimal.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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