How Does Full Time RVing Affect Social Security Disability Payments?

by Angela & Tommy Brister

My husband and I have made the decision to become full time RVers. We are both drawing social security disability. Our concern is that any changes may affect our incomes.

We are scared to change residency from our current state to another state, and that we may lose income due to any changes. Can you provide any information on this?

Thank you,
Angela & Tommy Brister

ANSWER Hi Angela & Tommy I know a lot of things about RVing. I also know when to admit that I am not an expert on something. I am not an expert on finances. But, do not despair, I have received a similar question recently and I was able to provide some links to most of the information these new full-time RVers were looking for. So please read the answer I gave to the question below.

We Are New Fulltime RVers, What Do We Need To Know About Residency?

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Receiving SSDI on the road
by: Anonymous

Some responses here seem to be referring to SSI instead of SSDI, not sure if the same rules apply, but in our case, my wife receives SSDI. I am the steward of the funds, which are sent through on a debit card. We can move the funds to another account electronically, and sometimes do.

Here's the rub. Her disability is mental, not physical. She is on medication that needs to be refilled from time to time. No doctor will Skype with her for a prescription refill b/c they haven't figured out how to bill for a Skype visit.

How do we stay above board on this? We have talked about stopping in to a behavioral health clinic on the road, but there are no procedures in place to accommodate a patient that is passing through. This is a modern conundrum that can only grow as more of us become location-ally independent.

Has a mobile care facility been opened? We would be happy to go through orientation with such a place if it exists.

Seems to be all about billing codes in the current model.

Fed addresses
by: Anonymous

It's not exactly true that the Feds don't care what your address is if you have direct deposit. For instance, if on SSDI, you're probably also receiving MediCare coverage and, possibly, a Part B plan.

All that will require a particular residence address. And, while I don't know for sure, I'd expect that somewhere in the heaps of Rules and Regulations there are specs that require one to report such things to SSA.

Social Security
by: Anonymous

I don't know about SSDI, but some states supplement SSI with an additional payment. If you leave a state that supplements to a state that does not, you will lose income.

Another thing about disability is they have to pay you even if you are "homeless" (no mailing address). I am not sure if they pay differently when you are homeless but I suspect no matter where you are, it still comes from your domicile state.

Use direct deposit to one bank, internet bill paying
by: Anonymous

Direct deposit of SS income is preferred by the feds. Don't wait for their checks; have the money sent directly to your bank account. Banks will email monthly statements to you (actually, notice that your statement is available online), as will most credit card companies.

Pay via credit card as often as possible. Set up two accounts at your bank, one for the direct deposits (from any of your sources) and the other for paying your bills (typically just credit card accounts, but sometimes eBay or ATM withdrawals). Then transfer only the amount you need right now from "source" account to "payout" account by connecting either by phone or by internet to your bank. Then "pay" your bills via internet. Note that most utilities will allow auto-charges to your credit card (so that you never have to worry about missing the monthly bill, and you get points for all those small payments).

This way you still control the money flow as if writing checks or money-orders, but hackers and muggers can only "drain" a small amount from your "pay" account, should that happen to you (lost ATM/debit card, hacked eBay account, stolen checkbook).

As far as the Feds are concerned, you don't ever change your address because they are sending your check to a bank, not your home. Your friends will be in touch by phone or email, so you don't even need a postal box.

The only concern is an address for your RV registration and insurance, your driver's license, and voting. Consider "moving" to a South Dakota "address" - here's one web site that explains the process very well.

I use UTAH for the same purpose, having a relative that lives there. The savings in insurance alone pays for the cost to travel to UTAH annually for vehicle inspection.

Note To Anonymous From RVing Al Thanks for your input, you mention a website in your comment to get more information, I do not know if you tried to use HTML to put the website address in or not, but it did not work. Please Contact Me and send me the website address in the following format of website. For security reasons you cannot use HTML on any of our submission forms.

Follow the rules
by: Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Full-time RVing should not affect your SSI payments as long as you continue to follow the rules. Primary would be earning money. As RVing Al suggests, you can choose a different domicile- that's like moving. I do know RVers who travel and collect SSI.

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak
author of Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road

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