How Hard Is It To Replace The Furniture In A Class A Motorhome?

How is furniture changed on Class A motor homes that have slides? is this a service job only and is it expensive?

ANSWER Whether an RV has slides or not, most RV furniture is bolted to the floor. Depending on the type of furniture you are trying to replace, it can be easy or hard to get to the bolts that attach the furniture to the floor of the RV. If a person is comfortable in using some simple hand tools the job of getting the furniture unbolted from the RV floor can be a do-it-yourself job. Sometimes you have to be a contortionist to get to the bolts but it is doable.

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Where you might end up with problems is physically getting the old furniture out of the RV and the new furniture into the RV. A lot of RVs have sofa beds in them and sometimes these sofas cannot be removed or brought in through the door of the RV. In some cases, the front windshields of the motorhome have to be removed to bring a sofa sleeper in or out.

Another problem you can run into is installing the new furniture; you may have to drill new holes etc. A couple of good places to look for RV furniture is eBay which has a good colleciton of RV Furniture and Camping World which also has some RV Furniture From Flexsteel.

I cannot really tell you how much it would cost to have someone change out the furniture in your RV. The most inexpensive route would be to have a friend that is handy with tools to help you do the job. I hope that this information has been helpful to you. If any of our visitors have any suggestions for you they can add them to this page by clicking on the add a comment link located near the bottom of this page.

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