How Is My RV's TV Antenna Wired?

by Anonymous

I need to know the wiring diagram for the antenna's in a camper. Having troubles getting the TV’s to work.

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It is hard for me to tell you how the TV Antenna on your RV is wired without knowing what type of Antenna you have. Is it an amplified antenna? or a non amplified antenna? What brand is it? Do you have a Media Control Center in your RV? All the factors I just mentioned will determine how your RV’s antennas are connected to your RV’s TVs.

The problem with the reception of your RV's TVs may not have to do with bad wiring on your RV's antenna, it may be that your RV and TVs are not set up to receive the newer over the air digital TV Signals.

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Please read the answers I gave to these questions Does Our RV Need A Digital TV Converter box? and How Can We Improve The Digital TV Reception In Our RV?.

If the answers to the two questions above still do not help you resolve your RV' TV reception Problems then you should visit our Digital TV Tips For RVers Page where we have a lot more tips on how to fix problems with the TV Systems in RVs.

I hope that this information will be helpful to you.

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Antenna wiring
by: Anonymous

Your wiring could be the problem. Check the connectors on the antenna. The connector may not be on proper. I checked mine and the grounding wire was not rolled back for the connect to crimp proper. Check the wall box at number one set. I checked my antenns by installing a 25 foot coalial cable with the ends already on there from the antenna to the junstion box.The wires could be crossed.And if is like mine,the antenna may not be connected at all.

When you are buying a new RV,have the dealer to check the antenna system along with the outside cable connectors.

Also,check the roof of the RV.The salesman will not tell you how long the RV has been on the lot. The bathroomn skylite and the vent caps will become brittle and fly off down the road.I called my dealer and told him what was going on and he said that it was not his problem and that these needed replaced every year. That dealer is narly 100 miles from my home. It pays to trade with a dealer that is a lot closer regardless of what brand and if you may be saving a few dollars.

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