How Is The Roof On My 1983 Layton Travel Trailer Constructed?

by Bob Y.
(Vestal, NY)

I have a 83 Layton 30' camper. My roof looks like the surface of the moon! Before I attempt any major repair, I would like to know how and with what they construct the original roof with. Size and positioning of trusses...are the trusses many pieces of aluminum are there and where are the seams...etc..etc...

I would love to just apply EPDM liquid rubber and be done with it (note: This is a permanent campsite used from April thru December...This camper, in all probability, will never be moved). The roof has many pools where water and ice accumulate and it looks like a major patch covering the entire length about two feet in from the edge on one side.

I've only discovered one obvious leak above the shower coming from the flashing around a small vent on the roof. Flashing looks like it popped up and they tried to glue it down and liquid tar it. I screwed it down and sealed it as best I could. Seems to be holding.

Unfortunately, there is one of those pools adjacent to the vent, feeding it whenever it rains. So, what do you think I should do? The main thing I would like to see is a smooth roof without those 'pools'. I can't see going to the expense of EPDM while those pools remain.
I would really appreciate any and all advice to help me be worry-free from leaky roofs. Thanks.


Bob Y.

ANSWER: Greetings Bob thanks for submitting your question on our Ask An RV Question Page.

In all likelihood the roof structure on your RV is wood. It sounds like this

wood has absorbed water and is now failing and that is why you are getting the low spots.

I am afraid that you may end up having to remove the roof and repair the underlying structure. Whether you are ever planning to move the RV or not; the only way you are going to ensure that you will have a leak proof roof is by getting rid of the low spots by rebuilding the damaged portions of the roof structure.

As far as how the roof is designed; I would suggest that you contact Skyline RV the manufacturer of the Layton Products. They should be able to get you the structural information you are seeking. Their contact information is below.

Skyline Corporation Headquarters
2520 By-Pass Road
Post Office Box 743
Elkhart, Indiana 46515
(800) 348-7469
(574) 294-6521

You should also visit their Contact Page for further options on how to contact them.

Sorry I could not be of more help to you, as much as I would like to think I know Everything About RVing; I do not know how each individual models and years of RVs are constructed.

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Happy RVing

RVing Al

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