How Much Would It Cost To Ship A Travel Trailer To Australia?

by Fiona
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


We have been looking to buy a Travel Trailer and were looking on In the USA you seem to have newer and better quality travel trailers with more extras but at a much cheaper price than we can purchase in Australia.

Recently I saw a 2003 Coleman Caravan 25B with a bunk house 5 berth with shower and toilet sell in Alexandria, KY for AUS $9000.00; here (Australia) it would have cost $40,000.00 plus. Is it worthwhile buying one in the USA and shipping it to Australia?


PS your site is great.

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Comments for How Much Would It Cost To Ship A Travel Trailer To Australia?

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Information on shipping caravans to and the world
by: Maureen

The cost of shipping a caravan, like travel trailers,fifth wheels are based on the length,width,and height (total cubic meters) and weight,as the best mode of shipping any caravan to Australia base ports is roll on roll off vessel carriers..Caravans are not conducive to be transported in sea containers,as they are too large..

Baltimore,MD,Charleston,SC,Jacksonville,FL,some Texas are base ports, and West Coast California have ro ro carriers sailing to base port Australia and New Zealand..

Any questions or rates,please email me at:

International shipper of caravans to Australia and the world..
by: Maureen


I’m an international shipper of caravans, motor homes to all parts of the world with 28 years experience..I ship all types of cargo from vehicles, boats on trailers, ,caravans,and motor homes all around the world..

I have a website:


Thank you..


Shipping a new travel trailer home
by: Mark

We are currently selling our house in Texas and looking to move back to Brisbane at the end of this year. I have been looking at travel trailers with the idea to live in it here when our house sells and then ship it home when we are ready to leave. I am currently getting estimates on shipping and also the electrical changeover costs. I'll post more information as I get it.

USA Contact
by: Graham

I would like to get a fully custom Travel Trailer made in the USA to Australian specs - am looking at a 27ft Toyhauler to carry a Jeep Wrangler - and the living quaters to be all high end Timber ( Like a Vintage Spartan Manor ) please leave your email address or contact me

Did you proceed with your plans to ship a travel trailer from the States to Australia
by: Julian

Hi Fiona,

I am also based in Melbourne and was wondering if you proceded with your plans to ship a travel trailer to Australia, and if so, what your experience was.

Australian shipping
by: Eric

Hi, for background, I tow RVs and boats around the USA for a living, and have some Australian clients that import ski boats.

On a recent trip, I met an Australian who had flown over to vacation in the US, and to buy an RV trailer to take home with him. He told me that in Australia, if the RV is over 10,000 pounds, than it must be converted to air brakes (electric brakes are standard in the USA). Also, the trailer hitch must be converted to Australian spec.

For USA transport from the dealer or manufacturer to the port for shipping, you can anticipate 1.50/mile or so, depending on size of trailer etc.

I think rollon/rolloff shipping via ocean would be an additional $4000 (estimated based on boat costs). The trailer would require special preparations such as shrinkwrapping and moisture prevention for customs clearance in Australia as well. If any moisture or mold is found inside the trailer on the Australian side, it is subject to quarrantine, with associated fines and fees.

Containerized shipping would not require as much prep, and will probably be in the same ballpark costwise. (4-6,000)
I hope this helps you!


Cost to ship a Travel Trailer to Australia.
by: Eddie

You can call this number 951-790-6252 I work on rewiring the existing electrical on these Travel Trailers to meet Australia's electrical codes,here we make all modifications to meet their codes.We ship them to Australia as well. Call the number from 8:00 AM. pacific time to 3:30 PM. Ask for Victor.

yes, us too. the quality available in AUS is no comparison to USA
by: Tammy

please write if you have found out anything more. we have found the same as you, quality, availability, larger sizes are available within america. Maybe you and I should create a company to do exactly this, purchase from america and sell in Aust!! definately a need for it.

Anyway, please post your findings. Thanks.


shipping trailer to Oz?
by: Anonymous

Hi Fiona,
Did you ever find out about the feasibility of purchasing in the States and shipping to Australia? We're currently in the States and are thinking of moving back to Australia. We'd like to purchase a trailer here and ship it back, but there's all the issues with the door being on the wrong side, the voltage with appliances, etc. Have you found out anything interesting?

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